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Trying to remember everything you need to do can cause unnecessary stress. The Leaf is equipped with one of most versatile reminder apps on the wearable tech market. Instead of losing sleep over important things you need to keep track of, why not let the Leaf's reminder feature help?

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Gentle wake-up alarm

The Leaf is not only a sleep monitor - it's also a smart wake-up app. Say goodbye to waking up next to a screaming alarm. The Leaf's smart wake-up alarm will gently vibrate and help you start your day right. Waking up gently is less stressful for your mind and body and with time, your body can learn to wake up when you want it to on its own.

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Woman setting inactivity alert on LEAF

Inactivity alert

The World Health Organization recommends 10.000 steps a day, which can be easily achieved if you remember to get up and move around every once in a while. Based on the preferred activity level you manually set up within the Leaf app, the Leaf will alert you when you're not meeting your own standards and remind you to move around by discretely vibrating. You can set your activity goals as high or low you want them to be and re-adjust them when you feel like it. The Leaf's inactivity alert lets you choose your pace through 5 different levels:

  1. Level 1 - Don't disturb me, ever
  2. Level 2 - Warn me if I get really inactive
  3. Level 3 - Warn me upon longer sitting periods
  4. Level 4 - Make me walk regularly
  5. Level 5 - Don't let me rest longer than an hour

You choose how often the inactivity alerts go off by setting the level of desired activity. The "Do not disturb" mode is ideal for people who want to be reminded of their inactivity,with the exception of specific times in their day when they want the alarm to stay dormant (for example, during a meeting).

Ovulation alert

Forget checking for signs or symptoms of ovulation - the Leaf tracks your fertility based on collected data, discreetly alerting you when it's ovulation time. It's your own, personal ovulation calendar that changes in real time, based on previously collected data.

Ovulation alert in Leaf app

Smart birth control reminder

If you're using oral birth control, the Leaf can help you keep regular and never forget to take your pill again. Setting up a discrete pill reminder allows you to have better control over your reproductive health and your contraception.

Smart birth control reminder in Leaf app

Period reminder

A notification saying "You have 1 day until your next period starts" can be a life-saver, especially if you have a busy schedule that sometimes makes you lose track. A personalized period calendar within the Leaf app will help you keep control of all aspects of your cycle.

Period reminder in Leaf app

Tampon reminder

With one of Leaf's smart alarms, you can easily set reminders that concern your menstrual cycle. Getting your period and realizing you're out of tampons can become a thing of the past if you let your Leaf help you.

Tampon reminder in Leaf app

Custom alarms

Whether you want to turn your Leaf into a medication reminder app or just use it as a beautiful, wearable piece of technology that reminds you to stop by the grocery store on your way home from work, the custom alarms are here to help you keep everything in check. Set custom alarms based on your personal needs and turn the Leaf into your own, personal assistant.

Custom alarms in Leaf app
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What else can the LEAF do?

The LEAF monitors your sleep and gives you detailed data about sleep quantity and quality, tracks all your daily activity and lets you add custom activities, gives you guided breathing exercises to help relieve stress and lets you see the ins and outs of your entire reproductive cycle.

Get your LEAF today!

Are you ready to start living a healthier life?

Get your LEAF today!

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