Bellabeat Mission

A Tech Driven
Wellness Company
for Women

A Tech Driven Wellness Company for Women

There are several areas of your life that are key to achieving wellness. Some you might not be able to influence directly, and for others we’re here to help and guide you!

Through beautifully designed technology, we aim to inform, inspire and motivate women around the world to become the best version of themselves. As each person is unique and different, we apply that belief to the products we create offering a completely personalized experience.

The first step to improved wellness

Collecting data on activity, sleep, and reproductive health also allowed us to create a unique algorithm that will let you know when you are physically more susceptible to stress. And as they say, with knowledge comes power.

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What can influence physical wellness

There are many factors that will influence your physical health. What can often be most difficult is staying motivated and remembering to create personalized goals. We will help you build healthy habits and view your health through a complete picture.

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How to reach mental wellness

Our Bellabeat app is constantly growing in content we offer, as well as connecting all of our products into the perfect wellness experience. It will keep you motivated through supportive card prompts, give you a chance to share your progress online and offer ways to deal with stress.

Creating a spiritual wellness experience

You will get a chance to clear your mind and relax through breathing and meditation exercises. They come in the form of audio guided meditations, and ambient sounds inspired by binaural beats. It can be hard to shut the world out and let go, so we’ll help you create a calming environment that will recharge you after or during a hard day.

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What else do we have to give

Women’s health has always been our priority. We aim to inspire others through our design, our technology and our brand. Inspire them to be healthier, happier and more conscious.

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