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The Beginning of Bellabeat

Founded in 2014, Bellabeat is one of top 5 recipients of the 2014 Y-COMBINATOR, the world's most powerful start-up incubator and was founded by 2 young entrepreneurs, Sandro Mur (CEO) and Urška Sršen (CCO). Their core product Leaf has been reviewed in Elle, Vogue, Buzzfeed, list of other news portals I need to find. 

Inspired by nature and a holistic approach to medicine we decided we want to do more than just develop technology for tracking health. We wanted to create a brand that inspires women to become the best version of themselves and empower them with knowledge about their bodies and health.

What’s is our motivation?

Improving well-being is all about achieving a better balance in life. Bellabeat is a brand created for the modern woman seeking that balance. Through innovations in technology and with a design that suits any lifestyle or situation, we’re dedicated to helping inspire women to achieve and maintain a healthy mind and body balance in their lives.


We are a team of young professionals that also strive for that same balance. Every day is a lesson for us, and we consciously think about our experiences in order to successfully use that knowledge. At Bellabeat we believe that personal health and well-being are deeply connected with the health of our environment and society. We do our best to lead by example, so we fill our office with healthy snacks, plants and a positive atmosphere. Along with that, we’re a pet-friendly workplace! Our pets are the biggest source of comfort and stress-relief so we welcome them in all parts of our daily life!

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