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What Kind of Black Friday Shopper Are You?

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With only a few days left to the shopping holiday of the year, we all feel the pressure of finding everything for our loved ones and for ourselves. Amid all this frenzy, we came up with a perfect way to determine your shopping character! You must’ve heard of the Alignment system by now, whether from social memes or your friends. In case you haven’t determined yours yet, make sure to check it out here before proceeding! Psst, you’ll also get an awesome discount doing it :)

Whether you’re a Chaotic Evil or a Lawful Good, there are some tips and tricks you can use to have a hassle-free shopping experience and get everything you’re looking for. 

Find out your type and check out our suggestions below!



Lawful Good

Lawful Good

You’re the kind of person who makes sure everything is in order. Shopping is a bliss as you always create a shopping list and stick to it. Going over budget is never an issue for you- every cent is taken into account and double-checking the prices is your forte. 


Start by making a list of all of your holiday expenses. This covers presents, decoration, travel as well as charitable donations. This will give you a simple idea of things you need to pay for in addition to presents. Once you’ve put everything on paper, decide what your gift budget is and create a list of all of your family members you plan on giving a gift to. Don’t forget to include yourself on it too, you deserve it!

Bellabeat suggestion: Spring bottle - to keep you hydrated and ready to conquer next year!



Neutral Good
Neutral Good

It’s already been a year since last Black Friday? It must feel longer for you. As someone whose a fan of shopping, Black Friday is your favorite day of the year. No matter the budget, you’ll make sure to get something (or many things) for your loved ones. As you’re not really a planner, your shopping habits can be described as hectic. 


As much as you’d like to wait till Friday to get everything, it may be too chaotic to look for gifts, especially if you’re shopping online. Endless pages of clothes, tech, and books may become too much to handle. In case you’re a fan of lounging in your living room and enjoying shopping in the comfort of your own home, start putting items in your cart early and then wait to buy everything when the Black Friday deals are on. Take advantage of Bellabeat’s Pre-Black Friday deals and cross some of those items off your list early.

Bellabeat suggestion: Leaf Chakra Love - to keep you looking awesome in 2020. 


Chaotic GoodChaotic Good

Finding a perfect gift is crucial, no matter the price tag. When it comes to your loved ones, there is no budget to stick to. Even if that means giving up takeout for the next month or cutting down on that delicious Starbucks, nothing is too much if you’ll see your family happy!


Make sure to find out in advance what your loved ones want for Christmas! By knowing in advance, you’ll be able to find out the best sales and promotions and get that special something for your special ones. Subscribing to the store newsletter may seem like a hassle, but it’s the best way to find out about all the discounts available. You can easily check out your promo emails while drinking your morning coffee, or when you get to work. It will pay off!

In case our Leaf, Spring or Time is on your loved one’s Christmas wish list, make sure to check out our awesome pre-black Friday deals. 

Bellabeat suggestion: Leaf Crystal Silver - to keep you shining while taking care of yourself!



Lawful Neutral

Lawful Neutral

You know the exact sale every one of your favorite stores has. We could say you’re a sales expert when it comes to your local mall. Browsing through stores is one of your preferred activities and you never get tired of doing it! You already know what you’re gonna get for every one of your friends and family members. Although everything is planned, it’s not uncommon for you to buy extra gifts. You saw them online and they were sooo cute and reminded you of your loved one! Happiness on their faces is the most important part, and more gifts mean more happiness!


Browsing through stores is a lot of fun, especially when shopping for gifts, but during Black Friday it can be a stressful experience. Check out whether your stores run any pre-Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals to avoid crowding and occasional madness which comes with it. Browsing and finding unexpected gifts is fun, but the chaos and crowds on Black Friday can quickly turn it into a chore. In case you’re buying online, ensure you are subscribed to all relevant newsletter to have all the information beforehand. 

Bellabeat suggestion: Leaf Urban Silver - a timeless classic that can accompany you in all of your adventures.



True Neutral

True Neutral

Spent your whole gift budget in a few days and now you don’t have enough for everyone. If this sounds familiar, you’re a classic True Neutral type. You know the situation- a few gifts are due but there is no additional money to spend. Although it may seem like history will repeat itself, this is the year in which you can prove you can find it all and stick within the available budget (or at least not go over it for a significant amount). 


Try to avoid impulsive purchases and opt for planning. If you already know what you need, you will be able to catch every sale that appears. Sometimes you can even find similar but less expensive alternatives in case you’re unable to find the needed product on sale. Don’t forget that sometimes we buy more than we need and end up not having enough money for the following months. Try swapping Silver for Stainless steel or Gold for gold plated. It will look equally as good and you won’t break your budget. 

Bellabeat suggestion: Time Rose Gold - combining functionality with a timeless design so you can wear it for years without a worry in sight. 



Chaotic Neutral

Chaotic Neutral

The more the merrier. You’re not the person to buy only one present for everyone. Sometimes you find yourself purchasing a lot of gifts without assigning them to anyone special. You never know whether you’ll keep it for yourself or will it find a final owner. As long as you’re within your budget, there’s not much to worry about. 


Whether you’re looking to treat yourself or find something nice and meaningful for someone on your list, you’re sure to find the perfect gifts. Make sure to choose one special gift for yourself and create a list of gifts for others. In case you’re unsure, try buying your loved ones gifts you personally wouldn’t use, it’ll prevent you from keeping them to yourself!

Bellabeat suggestion: Leaf Urban Black Silver - perfect combination of edgy and versatile design made to stand out, just like you!



Lawful Evil

Lawful Evil 

You believe you deserve gifts, from yourself and others. When shopping, you first buy everything for yourself. You may purchase gifts for others last-minute from the nearest drugstore so you don’t come empty-handed. 


There’s nothing wrong with getting something nice for yourself! You work hard, and you deserve it. To avoid feeling bad on Christmas eve, focus on pre-planning your gifts. Choose statement products that won’t go out of style and purchase them through the year. It can range from a basic makeup palette to a gorgeous bracelet you found on sale in March. This way you’ll have more than enough to splurge on yourself and get what you deserve!

Bellabeat suggestion: Time Silver - a perfect classic to show someone important how much you care. With its gorgeous design and beautiful packaging, it will surely bring happiness to anyone who receives it. Psst.. someone important can be you!



Neutral Evil

Neutral Evil

You bought all the gifts except one and then you saw the thing you’ve been wanting for so long. Here comes the problem- do you choose to buy yourself a well-deserved gift or do you give it up to get that remaining one from your list. 

Well, you bought it for yourself, no big deal. You can always regift your last-years unwanted gift. 


This year, instead of regifting, buy a gift that counts, that really shows how much you know and care for your friends and family. Go through all available pre-Black Friday sales and ensure the best deals. Don’t forget to claim your discount to get 30 to 40% off your favorite Bellabeat product. 

Bellabeeat suggestion: Leaf Crystal Rose Gold - amazing gift for yourself or someone you care about. With this special discount, you don’t have to worry about not having enough for both gifts!



Chaotic Evil

Chaotic Evil 

It’s all about family for you- because you spent your holiday budget on a new pair of shoes.  Sometimes you go overboard with shopping and end up broke by New Year’s eve. We feel you. Although it may be inconvenient coming to Christmas dinner empty-handed, at least you’ll look great. 


If you’re going to splurge on yourself, then go all out with the ultimate glamour, functionality, and style. Try setting aside $10 a week and don’t withdraw it until Black Friday. You’ll have enough for something extra special for yourself and for your family, without even noticing. 

No more questions and shame when it comes to holidays as this easy trick will help you get a little something for everyone! 

Bellabeat suggestion: Leaf Chakra Power - a powerful statement piece that stands out, just like you!


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