Gift Guide For The Holiday Season.

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Finally, it’s Black Friday! So much shopping to do, so little time. If you’re like us, you might be having a hard time deciding on what to buy (everything just looks so good!) and with prices so low, who can blame you?

Don’t worry, we’ve got this!

To help you with your decision, we made a quick 5 look gift guide for your Black Friday shopping spree!


If you want to exercise your body AND your mind, then your must-have is LEAF CHAKRA.

Leaf Chakra is the perfect wellness tracker for the complete holistic approach to well-being. The true state of wellness can only be reached when you find balance between your body and mind. That’s where Leaf Chakra comes in! This smart jewelry piece is enhanced with natural crystals which gives it an extra dose of positivity and energy.


Leaf Chakra Love & Mala beads necklace.

The match made in Zen heaven, and ideal for a little holiday relaxation. There’s no time like the holidays to show yourself some self-love. It’s easy to get wrapped up in others, buying the perfect gifts, making delicious meals, trying to catch up with friends and family… the holidays can be overwhelming. That’s why this combination of Leaf Chakra and Mala beads necklace Love are the absolute must-haves for the 2018 Holiday season! The rose quartz which dominates both products is key to enhancing self-love, self-acceptance and forgiveness.


Get Leaf Chakra Love now and Mala necklace Love 

Leaf Chakra Power & Inspire bracelets.

Dripping with style and fashion, this luxury combination of Leaf Chakra Power and motivational Inspire bracelets will bring you confidence and compliments. The black and rose gold combination will suit absolutely any outfit or style. The best part? No one will be able to tell it’s a wellness tracker so get ready for all the ‘Oooh’s and ‘Aaaah’s. If you’re ever feeling a bit down, or need a quick reminder how amazing you truly are, all you have to do is glance at your wrist and one of the motivational messages written on these stylish Inspire bracelets.   




In case you like a minimalistic design, and versatility of wear, then your choice should be LEAF URBAN

Leaf Urban will make you question why you ever wore jewelry that was just pretty, when it could also be smart! It will blend into your lifestyle so effortlessly you'll only notice you're always wearing it because of all the compliments you'll be getting. By connecting to the Bellabeat app, you'll be able to always view your wellness insights and switch between 3 different ways to wear it. 

Leaf Urban Silver & Sphere necklace.

The timeless Leaf Urban Silver is given a  style when combined with the Sphere necklace. It’s eye-catching design will make even you forget that you’re wearing a wellness tracker. Whether you’re rushing to the gym, running after your kids, or simply going through your busy day, you’ll always have the option to switch out between the necklace, clip and bracelet for the ultimate ease of use.



Get Leaf Urban now
and Sphere necklace


Leaf Urban Rose Gold & Violet Ice Active bracelet.

This Leaf was a fan-favorite in 2017 and it’s easy to see why. Black never goes out of style and matched with rose gold it’s an instant style bomb. The silicone Violet Ice bracelet makes it easy and comfortable to wear as you’re rushing and racing through your days, while also adding an extra dose of femininity to your wellness tracker.



Get Leaf Urban now
and Violet Ice bracelet



Or maybe, you want to avoid those dehydration headache and reap some hydration benefits… Then you really need to meet SPRING.

This smart water bottle quickly became an absolute hit with women around the world! Who knew hydration was such a game-changer? Well, we did and we knew we had to share our knowledge! There’s no point in just drinking when you’re thirsty - thirst means you’re already starting to dehydrate! Spring is not only stylish, it will also calculate your ideal hydration goal, log every sip you take and remind you to stay regularly hydrated. Trust us, after a month you’ll see the benefits with your own eyes!



Get Spring now


If you already have your Leaf, and were wondering if there was anything for you…. yes, there is! As an added bonus, we made a special accessories bundle.

There's no time like Black Friday to glam up your Leaf! With this bundle, you'll get a new clip, necklace and active bracelet to match - perfect for a little makeover! You'll love mix-and-matching your Leaf with different accessories, and giving it a new look! 



Get Accessories Bundle now


We hope this short gift guide helped you with you choices in choosing the gift of wellness for yourself, or your loved ones! 


Happy shopping!


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