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The LEAF is a fashionable fitness tracker made for women. Available in the Silver or the Rose gold edition, the Leaf can be worn as a necklace, bracelet or a clip, allowing you to seamlessly incorporate it into your everyday life and easily switch between your work, play or gym look.

Like most wearable fitness trackers out there, the Leaf tracks your physical activity - it's a step tracker that lets you monitor your calorie output and set activity goals, it's filled with smart alarms and inactivity alerts that warn you when you need to move more, it allows you to add custom activities, such as swimming, yoga, cycling, and many more when you need it.

But the Leaf is not just a fitness tracker - it's a health tracker designed to motivate you not just to be more active, but to be healthier overall.

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Balance your daily activity

The LEAF tracks and analyzes activity habits by learning and logging all movements throughout the day, providing advice on how and when to be more active.

The World Health Organization recommends taking 10.000 steps a day and/or 10-20 minutes of moderate, uninterrupted activity for an adult woman - by letting you switch between the Steps and Active time modes, the LEAF lets you choose the way it tracks your activity and gives you the option to pick your preferred way of keeping track of your daily movement.

Each of the activity tracking modes is equipped with a calorie expenditure feature, making it easy for you to see how many calories you're burning during a specific activity.

Switching between modes is possible at any time, allowing you to adjust the way the LEAF tracks your activity depending on the type of activity.

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Woman looking at her LEAF app

Steps mode

When it was first introduced, the LEAF used steps to track everyday activity, meaning activity goals were step_oriented. The World Health Organization recommends taking 10.000 steps a day, but the LEAF allows you to set different activity goals based on your wishes and your abilities.

Given the fact that some LEAF users preferred activities that were less step-intensive such as yoga, the Activity feature was enriched with the Active time mode.

Active time mode

In addition to the classic, step tracking feature, the LEAF also lets you keep track of your daily activity through the so-called Active time mode. The World Health Organization recommends 10-20 minutes of moderate, uninterrupted activity for an adult woman, so if you choose the Active time method, your goals will be based on Active time and how much time you spend moving during the day. The LEAF is here to keep you motivated and lets you adjust your goals during the day.

Active time mode in LEAF app

Steps vs. Active time

Besides letting you choose where you wear it depending on your current needs (necklace, bracelet, clip), the LEAF is also flexible in terms of letting you switch between the Steps and Active time mode of activity tracking whenever you feel like it. Say you want to start your day with a nice, 20 minute yoga session in the morning - Active time might be your preferred choice, while counting steps in Steps mode might be more suitable for later in the day, for example, while running up and down the stairs at work, which can be tracked as steps. Switching between the two modes allows you to choose the preferred way your LEAF tracks your daily movement; calorie output accompanies both modes, making the LEAF not only the best fitness tracker, but the most flexible health tracker out there.

Steps vs. Active time mode in LEAF app

Custom activities

The LEAF is not just a pretty pedometer, it lets you add custom activities and get the absolute best overview of your daily fitness or activity routine. Along with toggling between Steps andcActive time, the LEAF allows you to add your own, custom activities that come with calorie expenditure values. By adding custom activities, you can have a classic pedometer at one moment and instantly turn it into a tracker for swimming, aerobics, yoga, cycling, rock climbing, etc. Along with classic workout related activities such as jogging, weight lifting or crossfit, the LEAF allows you to keep track of other common activities that are often overlooked by other trackers such as dancing, gardening, shopping, playing with kids and many more. The LEAFs mission is to keep track of every activity you do, letting you see how many calories you're burning along the way.

Custom activities in LEAF app

Inactivity alerts

Before you start using the LEAF in terms of tracking your activity, you should first set your standards - your daily goals and health routines you feel you should have. When the LEAF notices you're not meeting your own standards, it will alert you to remind you what your initial desires were by discretely vibrating. You can set your activity goals as high or low you want them to be and re-adjust them when you feel like it. The LEAF's inactivity alert lets you choose your pace through 5 different levels:

  1. Level 1 - Don't disturb me, ever
  2. Level 2 - Warn me if I get really inactive
  3. Level 3 - Warn me upon longer sitting periods
  4. Level 4 - Make me walk regularly
  5. Level 5 - Don't let me rest longer than an hour

You choose how often the inactivity alerts go off by setting the level of desired activity. The "Do not disturb" mode is ideal for people who want to be reminded of their inactivity, with the exception of specific times in their day when they want the alarm to stay dormant (for example, during a meeting).

Inactivity alerts in LEAF app

Smart alarms

Along with the inactivity alerts, the LEAF is equipped with smart alarms that remind you of what's really important. The inactivity alert will remind you to stretch and move around after prolonged periods of sitting, while the Smart alarm feature lets the LEAF remind you of things that can help you get the most out of your activity, such as keeping hydrated. Another non-activity related Smart alarm lets you set a reminder for taking your pill, allowing you to keep your reproductive health in check and your body at its best behavior for achieving activity goals.

Smart alarms in LEAF app

Activity graphs

The LEAF offers a detailed, graphic overview based on your daily activity. The activity graph shows your overall daily activity, while the activity cards within the graph show specific times of your activity as well as the type of activity you were doing, allowing you to see when your activity was at its highest.

Activity graph in LEAF app

Learning ability

In order to be the best wearable fitness tracker, the LEAF needs to be able to learn from the insights it gives you. Thanks to the LEAF's state of the art algorithms with a built-in learning ability, the LEAF lets you manually correct some of the data it has measured, allowing it to get more precise and accurate as you wear it. The more data you measure, the better predictions and measurements you will get, meaning the more you wear it, the smarter your LEAF becomes.

Learning ability in LEAF app
Rose gold LEAF on a necklace

What else can the LEAF do?

The LEAF monitors your sleep and gives you detailed data about sleep quantity and quality, tracks all your daily activity and lets you add custom activities, gives you guided breathing exercises to help relieve stress and lets you see the ins and outs of your entire reproductive cycle.

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