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I am exactly 34 weeks pregnant with a Bellabeat baby. I used it to help me get fit before we started trying and then to track my cycles.

I used to be anti-health tracker, but this is so much more. I love mine.

- Kelly R.

Love my Bellabeat Leaf. I’m always getting compliments on it - especially because the wearable is so versatile.

Not to mention, the guided meditation, breathing exercises...things us women need to re-center ourselves. Simply, an amazing product.

- Leslie K.

My Leaf came into my life when I most needed it. It made me take notice of some things I ignored before and helped me make a change for the better.

Although that’s still a work in progress. So beautiful, so versatile. I’m hooked.

- Janja E.

I have had 3 trackers before I bought my Bellabeat. Two had no screen so they weren’t distracting. One had a screen. I loved mine with no screen but the other one I only wear during excercise.

My Bellabeat never comes off. It feels like a part of ne. I sync every night. But that’s it. It is like a favorite piece of jewelry.

- Debi H.

I bought this amazing product for myself and it is exceptional!

It tracks my sleep, my steps, meditation, menstual cycle, and stress sensitivity. Looking forward to buying more!

- Annabel C.

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We’ve tested all the smart jewelry out there, and the Bellabeat Leaf Urban is the best piece of smart jewelry for most women.
Fitness trackers seem to want to help you lose weight, while the Leaf helps you be healthier all around.
Forget diamonds, you'll want these smart jewelry pieces instead.
This high-tech made-for-women wearable may look like just a piece of jewelry, but it’s also incredibly smart.
This unique tracker isn't about fitness - it's about you.

BELLABEAT WELLNESS COACH APP & fashionable smart accessories

BELLABEAT WELLNESS COACH APP & fashionable smart accessories




Gain insight into your lifestyle habits — keep track of your activity, sleep patterns, stress resistance (and more!) with help from fashionable wellness trackers that speak your body’s language.
Get to know yourself better — learn your daily habits and make informed decisions about your well-being. Achieve your wellness goals with support from the biggest community of women.
Unlock your body & mind’s full potential — improve your lifestyle through exclusive in-app content designed to help you make lasting, healthy habits based on what your body needs.


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