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A year in review – Thank you for being part of it!

Year in review

Here is a quick look back at 2016: A year of new beginnings, renewals and unexpected endings. A year unlike any other year, with you being a part of it.

Year in review_activity
If this year had a theme it would be health. From our product to our team, we increased the number of ways we help our users improve their well-being and make it easier to change their habits. Among many technical improvements and slight design changes, a great addition to the Leaf app was the stress sensitivity prediction feature. Also, we’ve added new guided meditation exercises in the Leaf app and we teamed up with famous meditation and Yoga experts Christine Hassler and Brett Larkin. Achieving inner peace, easing your daily stress and falling asleep has never been easier!

Year in review_meditation

Turn over a new leaf in 2017

Make this the year you’ll stick with your New Year’s resolutions by using the Leaf. Set your goals and try to make small – but significant – changes in your life.
Take a look at your Bellabeat Dashboard and see your personal Leaf data or compare them with the whole Leaf community here. There you’ll find the 10 most tracked activities in 2016. Choose an activity you would like to focus on in 2017 and share your New Year’s resolution on Facebook. You’ll enter the draw and have a chance to win a big surprise! We’ll soon provide you with more info. Stay tuned!

Year in review_yogaLet’s walk those miles together, let’s beat those restless nights and let’s continue to be happy, healthy and confident in 2017!

Your Bellabeat Team

December 29, 2016

Exclusive Pregnancy meditation for the blossoming 9 months

Pregnancy meditation

The good news is here: you are pregnant! And there are only a few things more exciting than a little human being growing inside of you. Pregnancy is also a time where lots of physical changes and emotional whirlpools are experienced. It’s important for both you and your baby to find peace during these nine wonderful months.

To help you enjoy this beautiful phase of life to the fullest, we have prepared a relaxing pregnancy meditation, full of love and kindness. We’ll reveal the secret on how you can use this powerful mindfulness technique and connect with your baby better.

Experience the world of meditation with the Leaf

Leaf by Bellabeat is the only health tracker made exclusively for women. It’s designed to help you find your true, powerful, healthy, confident and amazing self in every stage of your life. As your faithful companion, Leaf will introduce you to the world of meditation.

Sometimes, with all the expectancy, joy and happiness, there is stress. Being pregnant can be very challenging, especially for new moms. Moms who experience lots of stress and anxiety during pregnancy are more likely to have preterm delivery. But did you know that now you can track and predict your stress sensitivity levels? Based on the data Leaf collects, we are able to find a connection between activity, sleep, woman’s reproductive health and stress sensitivity. Meditation is the first step to stress prevention and the best possible solution for stress release when it occupies your body and mind.

Studies on pregnant women have shown that meditation can help moms-to-be throughout pregnancy and especially at birth.

Leaf Pregnancy meditation

Some of the benefits of practicing meditation include:

  • better sleep

  • connecting to your changing body

  • stress relief

  • less tension in the body

  • labor preparation

  • lower risk of postpartum depression

How to start?

First, place your hands on your belly, gently cradling the baby. Observe the sensations beneath your hands. Breathe slowly. If a thought arises, accept it and let it float away, as if it’s a cloud in the sky…

Then, tune into Leaf’s guided pregnancy meditation and all of your prenatal worries will just melt away. Take each day as it comes, trust your intuition and be confident in that inner voice. Your baby will feel it!

Leaf Pregnancy Meditation


Send us your feedback

We are continually updating our Leaf and we would like to hear from you too! If you have any other suggestions, great ideas or thoughts, let us know – we are here for you and we listen to your wishes.

Change your life by making yourself a priority.

Use the code SHELL25 and take advantage of our special promo offer!

Explore more about the Leaf.



November 18, 2016

Health Tracker & Fashion in Perfect Harmony

Health tracker and fashion

Elegance matters, but health matters more!

When it comes to health tracking devices, they all promote getting fit and finding the quickest way to a bikini body. Instead of having calories and fat reduction in focus, we’ve put all of our efforts in promoting health. But, let’s be honest – who wants to wear a health tracker that suits your workout clothes and sporty outfits but nothing more? Here’s where your Leaf Nature comes in!

Leaf Nature - Health and Fashion

”Everyday is a fashion show and the world is your runaway.” Coco Chanel

In the hectic pace of everyday life we don’t have time to think about fashion. Short breaks between work, household tasks, kids and other activities leave us little or no time for ourselves. Women today are heroes of time management and multitasking. But even with all the skills and will, fashion is at the bottom of most women’s priority list.

Runway outfits are not always easily incorporated into your everyday style, but you can always glean inspiration and make them your own. We have a simple solution for you! Wearing the same (or similar) thing every day simplifies your morning routine and gives you more time for your morning Yoga session, healthy breakfast or wake-up meditation. The beauty is in the details – your winter look will be complete with silver-colored Leaf Nature to match the snow-covered ground!

Nature shapes your style

Leaf Nature is shaped the same way that nature shapes the curves of every single leaf on every tree. Elegant silver design and warm wooden base will freshen up your winter go-to outfit. Its classic look enables you to wear it on any occasion, both on a casual winter Friday and to a Monday morning meeting.

“There’s no better designer than Nature”  Alexander McQueen

Leaf Nature - Health and Fashion

Besides, who needs cold weather accessories when you have a stylish health tracker that motivates you to keep moving all day long?

Perfect gift for you and your friend

Buy something because you love it, you need it and you will use it. Leaf Nature Silver is a perfect winter gift for you and your friend to make your personal style choices more memorable.



November 15, 2016

Take control over your cycle

Leaf - take control over your cycle

Every woman knows when it’s “that time of the month”.  It’s the time when chocolate, tea and Netflix become your best friends and the last thing you want to do is go out in public. Believe it or not, this mood only represents the last two weeks of the cycle. But your monthly cycle has four unique phases and each one brings out different physical and emotional strengths in you.

Period. The center of your health. 

Learn how to work with your own internal cycle instead of against it. This is the key to staying confident and maximizing your true potential in all areas of your life!

Check out this simple infographic and learn how you can take advantage of four unique phases of your monthly cycle. Let your hormones work with you instead of against you!

Reproductive health

Your period changes throughout your life.

Just when you start to feel like you can predict exactly when your period is going to show up, everything can change. You have the hormone shift that happens throughout your lifetime to thank for that change. That’s why it is important to track your period and be aware of all the symptoms that may occur.

Overcome the emotional roller coaster and cramps.

One of the most effective ways of taking control over mood swings is aerobic exercise combined with Yoga and meditation. Also, exercise relieves cramps because it helps release beta-endorphins, which eases muscle contraction during menstruation.

Get enough zzz’s.

It may be more difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep prior to your cycle. Also, you may have disturbed or restless sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is critical to having control over your emotions and ensuring your body gets enough rest.    

Take yourself on a date.

Suffering from mineral deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium and potassium may cause dizziness before your period. One way to get rid of dizziness is to make yourself a smoothie with fruits that are high in potassium and sodium.

Check out this simple infographic and learn how you can take advantage of four unique phases of your monthly cycle. Let your hormones work with you instead of against you!

How to start tracking? 

Pair it!  Wear it!  Track it!

Leaf period tracking

Download your Leaf app here for iOS or here for Android and try it for free!

But first, prepare your secret box.

Tampons, pads and other practical hygiene products are not the only thing you’ll need. Fun goodies like chocolate, hot tea or a great book or movie are something to look forward to as you’re rolled up in bed with a heating pad.

Start tracking!

The days when you had to use a pen and paper to keep track of menstrual cycles are a thing of the past. The Leaf is designed to make your fertility tracking accurate, fast and friendly. Keep track of your monthly cycles so that you understand your body better and take care of your overall well-being.

Set up your period reminder.

The Leaf reminds you that you need to take your pills and tells you when to expect your period. Just follow these steps and you’ll never miss your pill again:

  • 1. Open your Leaf app and go into ‘Settings’

  • 2. Choose your Leaf with its lovely flower name

  • 3. Scroll down to ‘Alarms’

  • 4. Set up your special alarm

Now you’re ready to conquer the world and no one can stop you on your way to achieve your goals and dreams!

And don’t forget to smile, because you don’t own all the problems of the world! 🙂


November 10, 2016

Fitness advice from one mom to another

In today’s blog we’re sharing Trisha’s story from No Tummy Mommy. Trisha shared with us her photo with LEAF and her adorable daughter on Instagram so we asked Trisha to share some fitness advice with other moms in our community. Hope you’ll enjoy it!

Fitness has always been a part of my life, but after having a baby the reason for staying active became a big priority. I realized how much of a positive impact it had on my attitude and my patience. Plus, exercise gave me more energy to chase my little one around! I started my own company because I wanted to help other women be healthier and happier mamas too!

Here are my top 3 moves for the modern mama to do with her baby:

  • 1. Drop it like a Squat – this not only works your lower body and mama booty, but it also engages your core! You can challenge yourself by holding your child in front of you or on your back (just watch your form and don’t forget to breathe throughout the entire movement). If you can, use a baby carrier or wrap to hold the baby while you squat!

  • 2. Raise the Roof – that arm jiggle is a common mama concern; this move is a good one to help tighten and tone that area. Hold and raise your baby high up and lower for 10 reps!

  • 3. Plank You Very Much – this is a simple exercise where your baby can relax and lie beneath you as you plank for 20-30 seconds. Keep your core tight and keep your body aligned. To get the most of my efforts, I always make sure to have my LEAF on me at all times (no joke) – it keeps me organized, accountable and motivated! It tracks everything from movement during sleep to how many steps I take in a day. I love that I can quickly know how many calories I burned in a workout and I motivate myself to try and beat this number every session. What’s more, I use it support my meditation practice, which is so important for a busy mom like me. The LEAF has changed the way I manage my health and I don’t know how I managed before!

Get more fitness and nutrition coaching tips, from one mother to another, by subscribing for updates at or follow us on Instagram @notummymommy

June 29, 2016