5-Minute Workout Video: Stretch & Relax

This no-equipment, do-it-anywhere stretch & relax routine is good for stress relief, hip and thoracic spine mobility and overall body stretch and muscle lengthening.

Stretching is an often overlooked part of fitness, but it should be included in your daily routine no matter if you’re practicing any activity or not.

Hours of sitting or standing in the same position forces our body to limit its range of motion and capabilities of movement. In this 5-minute video, you will get some of the basic movements and stretches that will release tension in your spine, hamstrings, quads, and hips. You will improve your range of motion, improve your breathing and thus release stress.

You can perform this exercises every day if you like, in the morning, after a long day, or before going to sleep. You just need a little space, a small pillow or Yoga block, a mat or a towel and 5 minutes.

June 14, 2017

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