New Year, New You? How about old you, but better!

Old You but better

“New Year, New You!” is probably something you hear and see in forms of hashtags or posts quite often around this time of year. The meaning behind it is lovely – start the new year on a new slate, make a change.

But on the other hand… why does it have to be a NEW you? You’re enough just the way you are, no need to change yourself into someone completely different or new. Maybe you can just be the old you, but better.


How about New Year, Fresh You?


Sometimes the problem isn’t in you so much as it is in your surroundings. The wrong people can bring out the worst in you, as well as unnecessary stress, and even change the way you see yourself for the worse. The most difficult part of this is that most people will find it easier to give up on themselves than they do on others they care for – no matter how bad for their health they are.
We decided to share our thoughts and a few suggestions on how to press a refresh button on yourself and cleanse your life from toxicity.

Accept yourself.

In risk of sounding clichè, the first step coming into the new year should be to accept yourself. Sure there are things you would like to change, you’re a work in progress! We all go through life trying to lead a better one and become the best version of ourselves. Everyone has flaws or things they dislike about themselves. However the important thing is – you’re trying! You’re doing your best to work on yourself, and actively thinking of what you can do or use to make a healthy change. That is the only thing that truly matters! It doesn’t even matter how long it takes, change can be a slow process. So accept yourself. You’re good enough. You’re trying, and that by itself is already good enough.

Think about situations that caused you the most stress or pain this year.

It might not be a pleasant topic to look back on, but it can be very important. While you go through the memories, you might notice a certain person or situation that keeps reappearing. Is it the friend that somehow always seems to find drama? Or the job you’ve had for years that just seems to drain you more each day? Once you’ve identified the main problem, you know what you should work on changing next year! If it’s your workplace, make a promise to yourself to start applying for new jobs next year. Even just proactively applying for other positions might make you feel better about going to work next year – knowing it might soon be the last time. If it’s a friend or loved one that has been causing you pain, try talking to them honestly and expressing how you feel and how their behavior makes you feel. In case that doesn’t make a difference, or even makes things worse, it might be time to consider cutting that relationship out of your life. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Try something new, or something you’ve been wanting to do for a while.

Perhaps you’ve always wanted to try yoga, but never took the time to enroll into a class. Or maybe meditations always seemed interesting but you never put in enough time to give them an honest try. There is no better time than today. You don’t need to change yourself completely, but adding a fresh new aspect to your everyday life can definitely be good for you. Do something you’ve always wanted to try, but kept on pushing back. The gratification will be an amazing motivation to keep going.

We hope this helps be that final push to make a change in the new year, and make the old you an even better you.

December 27, 2017

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