Jump back into healthy living after the holidays

Healthy living

Previously, we shared some advice on how to keep your routine even during the holidays, but hey, it was the holidays. We won’t fault you if your routine sort of crumbled during December. The key is to start back up as soon as you can, and resume your healthy habits. Because after all, it’s a lifestyle.

Whether you got out of your exercise routine, your nutrition routine, or any other routine you couldn’t make time for lately – we have a 4 tips that will hopefully help change that!


Create a plan to follow.

Don’t just jump into it head first. Take a notebook, and write your goals on the first page. Schedule the times when you will work on your healthy habits. The time to go grocery shopping, exercising or whatever you have as a goal. Buy a new pair of workout clothes, or a new cooking item. Something that will make you eager to get started again.


Simplify and start small.

It might not be that easy to get back into the routine you had, and if you find yourself struggling don’t be hard on yourself. You might need to build back up to your habits, or to doing things you did with ease just recently. And that’s perfectly okay! Take your time and start small. Smaller victories will motivate you and keep you on the right path.

Healthy Living

Remind yourself why you’re doing it.

Don’t forget why you’re doing this. Everyone has a reason for each change they bring into their lives. Something that keeps them going and gives them inspiration. Make sure you remind yourself on why you’re on this path. Why did you set the goal you did? What do you hope to accomplish? Why is it important to you? Ask yourself this to reaffirm your conviction and get inspired when you feel like giving up.


Stick a motivational message somewhere you’ll always see.

Pick a quote that motivates you, or write your own. The important thing is that it means something to you personally and that you put it in a very obvious place. Something you will see whether you want to or not. Stick it to your mirror, or the inside of your door. It might not seem like it can do a lot of good, but on the bad days it might be just the boost you need.

Healthy Living

January 3, 2018

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