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Why you should schedule some “me time” right away

“Me time. A time for myself. A time to relax, unwind, be alone with my thoughts, feelings. A time of reflection, a time of thinking, sleeping, being active. A time of enjoying doing nothing. A time I get to spend with myself and I love it.”

Ok, so we know the definition. We know about “me time”. We know it exists, some of us even know how good it feels. So why is it then that we practice it so rarely? It’s always something else or someone else first, especially for us women.

We are social beings and interaction with our humans is essential for our development. True. But what we tend to forget sometimes is that spending some quality time alone is also essential for maintaining a healthy relationship with yourself.. Taking some me time is a part of self-care and it plays an important one.

Me time should be your time to rest, relax and spend time on activities that make you happy. Lack of adequate time for these things may lead to anxiety, feeling run down and stressed out. So what can we do in order to make some time for ourselves and not just to talk about it?

1.Plan ahead

Schedule “me time” with yourself and put it in your calendar. Plan every week ahead and stick to the schedule. Think of your me time as an important meeting or a date – with yourself.

2. Set reminders to take some me time

That’s right. Ditch the excuse “I forgot about it” and set reminders in your phone that will remind you to take this necessary time to be with yourself.

3. Make a list of activities you want to try out or enjoy

It could be a massage, a yoga session or a makeup lesson. Enjoy in your hobbies and find time to try things you’ve always wanted to. When was the last time you read a book? Visit your local library or Amazon store to find the right book.

Still not convinced? Then read these 3 benefits of  quality me time:

1. Emotional well-being is as important as physical well-being.

2. Taking me time is a necessity for optimal coping and thriving.

3. The relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for any other relationship.

So go on, schedule some “me time” in your calendar right away and learn to enjoy being in your own company.


June 7, 2017

National Women’s Health Week

This week is National Women’s Health week. It’s a very important week for us here at Bellabeat because it sums up what we are all about – helping women take control of their health. We wanted to share with you our inspirations and how we hope to contribute further to helping women’s health. 


It’s no secret that we have devoted ourselves to one simple goal: to develop products that will help you learn the science behind your bodies and give you the power that comes with knowing the truth about our body & mind.

We want you to be the most powerful, capable, confident woman that you can be. We want you to know what it feels like to have a relationship with your body and mind and to feel connected to them. And we want you to learn from our products and armed with this information make the changes that will improve your life. Knowledge is power.


Our mission doesn’t stop. Our future focus is to shape new mindsets and behaviors with the help of our products. We are working on some exciting new releases that will expand our ecosystem of products and give you an even more holistic approach to health so you can work on your well-being from all angles. We’ve spent the last few months learning from you, our community, to see how we can better our approach and developing what comes next. The near future is going to be very exciting, so watch this space.

We can’t say much more except to stay tuned and remember – it’s never too early or late to work toward being your healthiest you.

May 17, 2017

The Best Health Tips From Mom

It’s Mother’s Day and in honor of the superwomen in our lives, we wanted to share some health tips passed on from our matriarchs that have stood the test of time. Let’s start with the first one:

Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you stop and listen for a second you might still be able to hear mom’s distant voice telling you to eat that last bite. Breakfast really, truly is the most important meal of the day. It fuels your body and helps you avoid unnecessary snacking between meals. The American Heart Association found that people who skip breakfast are more likely to graze throughout the day and consume too many calories which can lead to obesity and heart problems.

A morning meal also helps rev your systems. Have you ever turned your car on on a cold day and pushed it into drive right away? Mechanics around the world are silently pulling their hair. Like a car, your body is a machine (yet so much more sophisticated), and it needs a warm up to work properly.

Get Your Beauty Sleep

Turns out, beauty sleep is a thing, another thing mom was right about. An article recently published by the Sleep Organization outlines how sleep is the closest thing we have to finding the fountain of youth and can help shine the beauty in each of us.

While you sleep your body repairs itself, skin included. Growth hormones come out to play and repair the damage caused by sun exposure and pollution, and it reduces the sign of wrinkles. You are also more likely to wake up less puffy as your body rids itself of excess moisture and distributes it where it is needed.

Most importantly, getting adequate sleep improves your overall mental state and 7-9 hours at night makes you happier, more productive, and more likely to kick those personal goals.

Don’t forget to wear your Leaf at night and to check the app to ensure you are getting the right amount of R&R.

You Don’t Need the Gym to Get Moving

Do you remember the days of pre-recorded workouts? Popping in the VHS and working out (or watching mom work out), from the comforts of the living room? Whatever happened to those? Today you are more likely to come across body transformation programs that involve grueling gym session that bring about results in a matter of weeks. 6-week challenge anyone? Now, some of them really do work but alas, they mean living off of lettuce and a glass of water. Very few of us come out with long-term results and habits that stick. The good news is, exercise can be done anywhere and the more incidental it is, the more likely you will do it often and presto, it becomes a part of your life.

Try doing a few leg raises while watching TV at night. Been putting off the gardening? Nothing says now like the present. Take over pet duties and be in charge of walking the dog every night. The more incidental exercise you can add to your day, the more you improve your health. We guess what mom was trying to say is that it’s the small things that count.

No one lives and believes happy is healthy more than a mother. It’s her biggest wish for her child. Thanks mom for teaching us to put our health first. You deserve more than a day.

Did you know? Leaf can track activities like dog walking, cleaning, gardening, and shopping. Don’t forget to choose them from the drop-down menu when adding an activity. It all adds up.



May 10, 2017

Take control over your cycle

Leaf - take control over your cycle

Every woman knows when it’s “that time of the month”.  It’s the time when chocolate, tea and Netflix become your best friends and the last thing you want to do is go out in public. Believe it or not, this mood only represents the last two weeks of the cycle. But your monthly cycle has four unique phases and each one brings out different physical and emotional strengths in you.

Period. The center of your health. 

Learn how to work with your own internal cycle instead of against it. This is the key to staying confident and maximizing your true potential in all areas of your life!

Check out this simple infographic and learn how you can take advantage of four unique phases of your monthly cycle. Let your hormones work with you instead of against you!

Reproductive health

Your period changes throughout your life.

Just when you start to feel like you can predict exactly when your period is going to show up, everything can change. You have the hormone shift that happens throughout your lifetime to thank for that change. That’s why it is important to track your period and be aware of all the symptoms that may occur.

Overcome the emotional roller coaster and cramps.

One of the most effective ways of taking control over mood swings is aerobic exercise combined with Yoga and meditation. Also, exercise relieves cramps because it helps release beta-endorphins, which eases muscle contraction during menstruation.

Get enough zzz’s.

It may be more difficult for you to fall asleep and stay asleep prior to your cycle. Also, you may have disturbed or restless sleep. Getting an adequate amount of sleep is critical to having control over your emotions and ensuring your body gets enough rest.    

Take yourself on a date.

Suffering from mineral deficiencies such as calcium, magnesium and potassium may cause dizziness before your period. One way to get rid of dizziness is to make yourself a smoothie with fruits that are high in potassium and sodium.

Check out this simple infographic and learn how you can take advantage of four unique phases of your monthly cycle. Let your hormones work with you instead of against you!

How to start tracking? 

Pair it!  Wear it!  Track it!

Leaf period tracking

Download your Leaf app here for iOS or here for Android and try it for free!

But first, prepare your secret box.

Tampons, pads and other practical hygiene products are not the only thing you’ll need. Fun goodies like chocolate, hot tea or a great book or movie are something to look forward to as you’re rolled up in bed with a heating pad.

Start tracking!

The days when you had to use a pen and paper to keep track of menstrual cycles are a thing of the past. The Leaf is designed to make your fertility tracking accurate, fast and friendly. Keep track of your monthly cycles so that you understand your body better and take care of your overall well-being.

Set up your period reminder.

The Leaf reminds you that you need to take your pills and tells you when to expect your period. Just follow these steps and you’ll never miss your pill again:

  • 1. Open your Leaf app and go into ‘Settings’

  • 2. Choose your Leaf with its lovely flower name

  • 3. Scroll down to ‘Alarms’

  • 4. Set up your special alarm

Now you’re ready to conquer the world and no one can stop you on your way to achieve your goals and dreams!

And don’t forget to smile, because you don’t own all the problems of the world! 🙂


November 10, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Have you done your self-exam yet?

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We are here to support you and remind you to take care of your health every day. October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month so this month we want to remind you about the importance of regular breast checkups. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the US, but early detection is the best prevention and can save thousands of lives!

So, this October we invite you to do a breast self-exam and invite all your girlfriends, moms, daughters, sisters to do the same. Self-exams should be a part of your monthly routine and if you don’t know where to start – take a look at the guide we prepared for you.


“About 1 in 8 U.S. women (about 12%) will develop invasive breast cancer over the course of her lifetime. In 2016, there are more than 2.8 million women with a history of breast cancer in the U.S. This includes women currently being treated and women who have finished treatment” ( 2016).


These statistics are not meant to scare you, but to make you realize that this is happening and affecting all of us – not just us personally, but other women (and men!) we care about too. 8 out of 10 lumps found on the breasts are not cancerous but it’s important to get to know your body in order to notice anything unusual and that’s why it’s important to make self-exams a part of your monthly routine. You can perform a breast self-examination while you’re in the shower, in front of the mirror or lying down. Remember, this exam is a part of getting to know your body better so relax and don’t let the fear prevent you from getting regular checkups.

Here are the steps that will help you examine your breasts:

The best time to do a breast self-examination is a couple of days after your period, when your breasts are least likely to be swollen or tender.

In front of a mirror:

If you’re doing the self-exam standing in front of the mirror, make sure to stand with your shoulders straight. Look for the changes in your breasts (unusual size, shape, color, discharge), but remember that your breasts change constantly and some changes may be caused by a variety of reasons, which include your period, pregnancy, breastfeeding or the menopause.

Raise one arm and move around your entire breast in a circular pattern moving from the outside to the center and checking the entire breast and armpit area.

In the shower:

For some women, it’s easier to notice and feel changes when their skin is wet and slippery. Repeat the same hand movements as described in the section above and check both breasts for any lumps or thickening.

Lying down:

Place your right hand behind your head while lying down and use your middle fingers gently to examine the entire left breast. Then put your left hand behind your head and repeat the same on your right breast.

Breast Cancer Awareness

While looking for changes in your breasts, let these questions guide you:

  • Can you feel a lump or an unusual thickening of the breast tissue?

  • Can you notice any change in size, shape or color of your breasts?

  • Is there anything unusual about the appearance of your nipple (rash, discharge)?

Mammograms can help you detect cancer before you can feel a lump, but according to John’s Hopkins Medical Center “40% of diagnosed breast cancers are detected by women who notice unusual changes on their breasts, so establishing a regular breast self-exam is very important” (National Breast Cancer, 2015).

If you notice anything unusual, don’t panic but don’t ignore any of the symptoms! Make an appointment with your doctor who will guide you along the way.


Breast Cancer 2016, link

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October 3, 2016