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How to keep your PMS beast at bay

How to keep your PMS beast at bay

Women are incredible. They spend their days multitasking life to perfection – taking care of work, family, the house, friends, their health… The best way to describe a woman is as a force of nature… until that time of the month comes and nature forces itself back onto you. This time we’re not talking about your period, we’re talking about that savage monster called PMS. The rush of hormones hits you and it feels like your emotions enter warp drive and there’s no stopping them. Even though you might feel like you’re not acting any different, it will make you hunt down whoever says those cursed words of ‘She’s PMSing’. There’s no denying that your body is experiencing an overload of hormones and you’re more sensitive to everything. It’s hormones, so unfortunately, it’s not like we can fully help ourselves… but we can try! Here are some tips on how to reign your PMS beast in if it ever threatens to escape.


That moment when…


You’re at work and an avalanche of misfortune comes down on you. Maybe your new project just got cancelled. Or you found out a coworker was going behind your back and spreading stories. Or maybe your boss is just extra hard on you for no reason. And that’s when the PMS beast shows it’s horns. You’re steaming and about 0.1 seconds from ripping someone apart. Take that 0.1 second to walk away from whatever is causing the internal rage to surface. Go to the balcony and take a few fresh breaths. Take a break and go for a walk. Call up a friend and rant your frustrations to them – talking to someone about it will calm you down a bit. Maybe all you need is a large cup of coffee and some music – or a meditation from your Leaf app! Find the thing that works for you when it comes to releasing excess stress, and stick to it! Or you can always do some physical activity and use that to get rid of your frustrations. Bonus point: You can imagine that the boxing bag you’re kicking is your boss (or whoever made you angry!)

You become the evolved version of the Cookie Monster and eat everything. Suddenly every flavor goes together. Mayo and chocolate? Sounds disgusting and would give you goosebumps on any other day but hey, you’re PMSing, it’s all you have in the fridge and you’re open to giving it a try. Maybe you’ve already eaten your lunch at work, 10 minutes go by and suddenly your coworkers leftovers look like a meal from some fancy Paris restaurant that always halves the potions. So you give that a try too, food waste is a problem you don’t want to contribute to, right? What follows this is a new load of guilt and self-reprimanding. There’s a way how to stop your PMS taking hold of you stomach (and eyes!)! Firstly, drink water. Lots and lots of water. You’ll feel full and, simply put, leave less room for food. After that doesn’t work (because who are we kidding), go grab a salad and eat it to the last bit. Or maybe some carrots and celery. Why? You’ll do your body good, and once again, fill your stomach with much needed vitamins and minerals. Of course, there’s a real chance that PMS just won’t be having any of your healthy attempts, and will demand you give into your cravings. But wait! There’s a secret weapon! Buy a block of dark chocolate, and when you feel your cravings come in, take a piece of it. You can let it slowly melt in your mouth or just eat it all at once. Dark chocolate is proven to boost your happiness the same way regular sweets do, but it’s healthy and you’ll feel satisfied by eating less of it. After a while, you’ll get used to the flavor as well and maybe it becomes your PMS staple food!

How to keep your PMS beast at bay

Your partner is amazing… usually. But somehow he picked the worst time to forget all about your weeks-in-advance planned date night. Or better yet, he conveniently invited the guys over for game-night with a brewski, or two, or three. On any other day, this would cause some annoyance and disappointment, maybe a quick argument where you make sure he apologizes for his tiny brain moment, and that is it. Before you start yelling your heart out and consider packing your things and leaving for the Himalayas, or Hawaii (whichever is furthest) for good, think twice and go with “me” time closer to home instead. Why not go to the movies? You really wanted to go check that new Gerard Butler movie anyway. How about a hair and nail appointment? Or maybe a nice massage is exactly what you need. There’s no time like now to enjoy a bit of pampering. Call your girlfriends, they might be in equal (desperate) need of good company. Have a girls night, and relax. Some ranting with your girlfriends about ‘all men suck’ will definitely make you feel better about what happened. Plus, you can always try and get your man to pay for your pampering appointment – after all, he is the reason you’re having to go on one. 😉


Your little angels decided to show their mommy some love and share their artistic talent… so you come home to a new pattern drawn onto your walls. Sure those doodles are creative, but it’s an expensive form of creativity that will cost you to fix. You might be close to snapping at them, and you subconsciously know that you will regret it later. Maybe they will never color the wall again, but they might also lose their creativity drive because they will associate it with that experience and how you handled it. You definitely need to tell your kids that this is not acceptable behavior – maybe you can make them help you repaint the wall. But after you’re done lecturing them, why not let go a bit? Your wall is already ruined. What’s done is done. So take some colors and draw something on it as well! Have some fun with your kids. Tell them this is the only time they can color the walls, and explain that you will need to cover it up later. This will help you relieve some stress, give you a great bonding experience with your kids – and a wonderful memory. It feels great when you get something good out of a bad situation, and you’ll feel your mood is much better once you’re done with your artistic wall expression – not to mention you’ll probably become your kids new superhero.

Speaking of Superheroes, we hope you’re aware you are one! Don’t let anyone tell you differently. You fight a monster once a month, in addition to all the other things you do without wanting or asking for credit. You do it because it’s just how you are. Because you care. And exactly that selfless attitude is what makes you super.


How to keep your PMS best at bay

October 11, 2017

How to keep your mood up when your health is down

How to keep your mood up

When your body is feeling badly, it’s usually not surprising for your mind to follow. The connection between the mind and body is a sensitive balance, and it’s easy for one to drag the other down with it.

You probably know by yourself that when you have a cold or any kind of illness, your brain just goes into victim mode and every task becomes much. The truth is, when you’re sick is when your body will need the most positivity. Your mind can help your body heal, if you know how to catch yourself from feeling bad for yourself, and turn it into working on yourself.


Here are some suggestion that can guide you in achieving some peace of mind during illness.


Don’t let being sick take over your mind.

It’s easy to let your illness drag take over your mind, which is one of the main reasons the holistic approach towards health is becoming more widespread and appreciated. This is a natural human response to feeling bad, because when you feel emotionally distraught as well, it takes some burden from the physical pain only your illness might bring. What’s a good technique is to not disregard your pain and discomfort, and try to fake your positivity. Rather than faking it, try embracing your illness, evaluating it, and noticing exactly which part of you is in pain. If you accept your illness and allow yourself to feel the discomfort, what was once a roaring storm of hurt might wind down to just a painful breeze that you won’t notice as much anymore. This might also make you feel better as you will see you still have some control over your body – something that might seem unattainable while struggling with an illness. And don’t forget to remind yourself that you don’t have to feel bad emotionally, just because you feel bad physically. It’s something you need to actively work at.



Best way to have some peace of mind is by meditating. It will clear you of those bad thoughts, and the slippery self-pity slope. Giving your mind a break and doing a few meditations might help you stay positive. Not to mention doing a meditation before bed might make it easier for you to fall asleep. Give one of the 3D meditations in your Leaf app a chance to take your mind on a recuperating journey.


Drink enough water.

This is vital. DRINK. A. LOT. OF. WATER. Your body is very busy trying to fight off an illness and you need to hydrate it regularly so that it can heal itself. People often overlook the benefits of proper hydration, but when you’re sick drinking enough water is the best way to be your body’s Sidekick as it fights against the evil viruses or bacteria infecting it. A great addition to just regular water is tea! Find one that you like and hydration might come easier than expected. If you normally struggle with hydration, we have you covered! Our new smart water bottle Spring is here to help, and will be available again very soon! Make sure you don’t miss out and leave your email so you’re notified!

how to keep your mood up

Eat healthy.

To add onto the above, make sure you’re eating healthy! When you’re sick it can be hard to force yourself to cook anything let alone actively seek healthy food you can make. But when your body is healing, it needs nutrients that will help the process along which includes fruits, vegetable and all the vitamins and benefits healthy meals bring. Not to mention you won’t have that guilt for just going with your mood and reaching for some comfort food. If you’re struggling finding healthy recipes you can use, give Airi a chance to help!


Surround yourself with a pleasant atmosphere.

When you’re sick, make sure you’re comfortable. Find a clean place to lay down, where you won’t be too disturbed by external sources. Don’t put any additional stress on your senses. Being in a good atmosphere will make recovery easier and make your mood better. Your energy will already feel lower than usual, you might be a lot more irritated which means it would take a smaller thing to make your mood drop. You’re sensitive when you’re sick, so make sure you stay away from anything that might push you more towards the edge – which includes a messy or uncomfortable environment. A little change every once in awhile might help as well – a simple change of scenery from bedroom to living room might brighten your mood.


Make sure you absorb some good energy.

As mentioned, when you’re sick your energy is all depleted by healing your body, which leaves your mind more vulnerable to the outside world. Do your best to only do things that make you feel good, and spread that good energy to you. Whether it is a book, a movie, a hobby or even a person – make sure they make you feel better instead of worse. It’s always a good thing to cut away the bad things in your life, but for now just make sure you keep them at arm’s length until you feel better.


Don’t isolate yourself.

Of course, you shouldn’t spend too much time around others to avoid infecting them if your illness is transferable. However due to that, it is also easy to isolate yourself from the world and others – which will only bring your mood down. Make sure you reach out to your loved ones, text them and tell them you’re not feeling good. Ask if anyone would be willing to take a nice short walk with you. A little fresh air and company will do wonders for your mental state.


Laugh often.

Laughter is the cure for everything in life! When you laugh, your body releases hormones that stimulate your happiness, and being happy will ensure you will heal faster as well. Now this doesn’t mean you have to laugh out loud if you have a sore throat and will bring on the Mother of all Coughs. But try to watch things that make you smile or happy. For example watching some funny videos or movies, reading a positive book, or just talking to a friend that always makes you crack up. Find something that will bring you joy and you will improve your healing process significantly!

We hope these help, and if you’re currently struggling with an illness – whether it is a common cold or a long-term illness –  we hope that you will soon feel much better!


Keep strong and stay positive!

How to keep your mood up


October 10, 2017

Welcome to the Bellabeat Life community

Hi everyone,

My name is Urška and I’m one of the two co-founders of Bellabeat.

To those of you who already know me and even took the time to reach out to us, I’d like to say a big thanks! Your messages often made our day and pushed us forward when things were hard but above all, you all contributed to what Bellabeat is today as a brand and have helped us develop and improve products that we can be proud of.

To those of you who are new to Bellabeat or haven’t had the chance to let us know how you feel about our company or our products, I’d like to say a warm welcome and invite you all to reach out to us at any time. On that note, I’d also like to introduce you all to our story and invite you to become a fully-fledged member of the Bellabeat family. After all, we’re all in this for the same cause; to be healthier and happier. It’s as simple as that.

Bellabeat communityYou might have seen me and my pup Punchi around on our ads and Instagram profile…


Bellabeat was founded 4 years ago with (what at the time seemed) a simple mission – to change the way women access their health data and become actively engaged in improving their well-being. At the time, the ‘quantified self’ movement was just starting on the trajectory it is on today. But what bothered me the most personally, is how ugly and underperforming those products were. None of them appealed to me in design. None of them fit comfortably. All of them wanted me to have a tight butt (pardon my French) but none of them took into account the female-specific aspects of my health. You know, like probably one of the first health-related things ever to be curiously observed and quantified. The period. *gasp*

I’m not saying any of them weren’t intriguing though. Health has always been something that I consciously valued and nurtured. I was born a couple of weeks prematurely and that (or maybe it was just the gift of genetics), left me with a couple of autoimmune and allergy conditions. Nothing life threatening (very grateful for that) but just enough to cause discomfort if not properly “managed”.

My body has taught me, the hard way, to be conscious of what I eat, touch or even look at (or so it seems sometimes when I turn on the news). Also, suffering from a thing called atopic dermatitis, I don’t even have to DO any of those things to get punished for my carelessness. Sometimes the trigger comes from within me. Stress and stressful feelings can trigger major outbreaks. If I had a penny for every time my mom told me to “calm down and take care of myself” as advice on how to treat my problems, I’d be a billionaire by now. We all know that in the history of humankind no one has ever had a penny for “every time” or has calmed down by simply being told to do so, ESPECIALLY when it’s already too late and your body itches and burns all over. But nevertheless, in time I did learn how to value her advice, if only I had stuck to it religiously – preventively. Also, she should know something about the topic. After all she is a PhD Gynecologist and Perinatologist.

The reason why I’m sharing all these personal details is to help you understand where my passion for women’s health, health tracking and DIY health management comes from and how I go about deciding what is important for us as a brand. During the very short time of my life I’ve learned to understand the importance of balancing my own mind, strengthening my body and developed ways to nurture my health as a whole. I’m extremely lucky to be born into an amazingly supportive family that has always helped me with advice and motivation and above all, gave me a good head start by raising me in a healthy and safe environment where being a woman was not a scary thing. I’m aware of the fact that not everyone is so lucky – that motivation and good advice are hard to come by and that health (body and mind) issues can be especially overwhelming for women.


Fast forward to present day at  Bellabeat, we are still on the same mission but now we know that it is much more complex than we could have ever anticipated. Merging all the ideas and solutions that we would like to offer to users in a few easy-to-use products is extremely hard. Developing innovative technology that is also likeable and practical is challenging. And staying positive every time something is not exactly as we imagined is almost impossible. But all of this is manageable because I strongly believe that we do have a positive impact on people’s lives and I continue to be lucky in that we’ve been able to build a team as tightly knit as a family. We all nurture the same values of trying hard, giving our best and above all doing good.

However, at the end of the day all our passion summarized, all our hard work done, and all our ideas implemented wouldn’t count for anything if it weren’t for all of you who support us and join us along the way with your own expectations and needs. Bellabeat would not be the brand we want it to be if we did not listen to our community. So, here is how we would like to include you even more and let others in the community hear your thoughts too, not just us.


We’re starting a “Bellabeat Life” channel on Instagram where we would like to share your stories of health. Why are you in this with us? What keeps you healthy? What drives you? What do you need from the Bellabeat community to make it all easier? We hope we can provide a community space where we all feel safe and encouraged to improve ourselves and our lifestyle. After all, the whole point of being healthy is to be able to enjoy life and share ourselves with the world.


We can’t wait to hear your story! Take a look at our Bellabeat Life Instagram page for inspiration HERE.

How to be featured? Post a picture on your Instagram page with your Leaf and tell us your story. Follow and tag our official Bellabeat Instagram (@bellabeat) and use the hashtag #bellabeatlife

Don’t have Instagram but want to share about your journey to health? Reach out to us at



October 4, 2017

Take our hand and reach for your health

Reach for your health

We all have goals in life that we strive to reach, whether it is personal or professional goals. Here at Bellabeat, our goal is to make all of your personal health goals come true.


If you ask people, they will likely tell you being healthy is very expensive. A large majority opt to stay at home and push through when they are sick – rather than getting checked out by a medical professional. This maybe be because you feel uncomfortable spending a large amount of money to fix something you believe will recover its own, or maybe you’re just so busy you don’t have the luxury of taking sick days and visiting doctors.

Our goal is to minimize the need for a doctor and hope that preventive medicine will be the leading health system for the future.


Some diseases might be genetic, others can be something you pick up by spending time with someone that is already sick. But there is also a variety of illnesses or diseases that can be triggered by certain aspects of your everyday life – your stress levels and how you cope with them, the level of activity you achieve daily, the amount of sleep you manage, and of course, proper eating and hydration habits.

That is how we aim to help women and bring awareness to health – by conquering the above mentioned areas and lowering risk for possible illnesses taking hold.



With Leaf we give you insight into those areas of your life you might have taken for granted or not given much thought. What this allows you, however, is to become aware of aspects of your lifestyle that have room for improvement. You are also able to set your own Goals and enhance them progressively. What is great about that is – we’re not here to push you into something before you are ready. There are no challenges that you need to meet and then feel bad if you don’t manage to. There is no comparing you to anyone else – because you are a unique person that has their own needs and goals, and we love and acknowledge that! Instead, you can set your own pace. For example, you set your Activity goal as 5000 steps a day, and you reach that goal repeatedly for a week – you can then enhance that to 7000 steps. We urge you to push yourself only to reach your own goals, to become the best version of you, and not to meet anyone else’s expectations except yours.

Reach for your health


After collecting data and seeing which areas seem to be the most problematic to our users, we created Airi. Airi covers all spheres of healthy living and gives you the support to keep going – recipes you can prepare in a jiffy, carefully designed exercises tailored to each user’s needs, meditations to keep body/mind balance, and so much more. This personal coach helps you build upon your Leaf and life goals, and gently nudges you in the right direction whenever you need that extra push. It’s the perfect tool to get you moving in the right direction, when you’re not sure where to start.



That is where our new smart water bottle, Spring, comes into play. People often overlook hydration in their quest for health, however, this is actually a very important aspect to achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle. Drinking the optimal amount of water for YOU will give you a plethora of benefits both for physical and mental health, such as improving your mood and muscle function, improving your skin, hair and nails. Let’s not forget it also helps strengthen your immune system which is important in fending off any illnesses. Last but not least, it helps you sleep better, be more focused and helps alleviate menstrual pain for many. We created Spring to calculate that water water intake need and to remind you to take regular sips.


Bellabeat Community

Finally there is one very important thing to changing your lifestyle.

Moral support.

Being supported on your journey is vital. After working hard on yourself there comes a time when you’re just tired or perhaps your motivation is slipping. Every day it seems to be harder and harder. That is where support is essential – being continually motivated by others to try your best, to know that it is possible to change your lifestyle and reach for health. We have worked on proving this level of support to our users as well as a sense of community. We hope to continue coming up with new ways to build upon this Bellabeat family we have created with your help and working on new ways to help women everywhere live a healthy life.

If we work together nothing is impossible, so remember we’re always with you – every step of the way.

Reach for your health

October 3, 2017

How to keep your cool when people try to push your buttons

How to keep your cool

We all have those moments when someone pushes you too far. All that goes through your head is ‘I’m done’ and you just want to toss everything to the ground, throw a peace sign in the air and take a vacation from life.

Most times though, the above is not a plausible scenario. Here’s how it really goes down : Your face turns red, you grit your teeth so hard you get nicknamed Beaver, and when you’re away from the people that cause this frustration you explode on everything and everyone that is near. Worst case scenario, you can’t hold it in long enough and end up exploding on the person who is likely most deserving to get burned by your flames – and then you have to deal with the consequences. Which are rarely pleasant.


Here’s some advice on how to calm yourself, when people push all your red buttons.



You were breathing when someone made you angry and yet here you are, fuming, despite ‘Just breathe’-ing like everyone seems to tell you. We can understand how sceptical that might make you, but the trick is to not just breathe but be aware of your breathing. Take a few deep long breaths, and only focus on your inhale and your exhale. You should feel at least a bit of tension release from your body. That is because taking deep breaths oxygenates the blood, which causes our brain to release endorphins. In turn, these endorphins help reduce stress in the body and even decrease levels of pain. Best part? You can do this anytime, anywhere. You’re in a meeting, and your colleagues or boss are being really hard on you? Just take some time to ‘think’, take a few deep breaths and hopefully that will make it easier to place that fake smile on your face.


Vent it out.

When people put you down, or anger you – especially when you think it was unwarranted and that they are in the wrong – it can be hard to keep the Mother of all angry word vomits from escaping your lips. You have so much you want to say, but maybe you’re not able to say it – because the consequences are too big. Keeping your opinion in will drive you crazy. Your brain will obsess about it, you’ll just keep finding more and more reasons why you’re right and they’re wrong, your anger will keep building up (instead of dissipating) and eventually that word vomit will come out after all. The trick to stopping this is venting. Is there a friend of colleague that has a similar issue, or has experienced similar problems? Talk to them about it! They will understand you, they’ll maybe even agree with you, and it will ease some of the tension from your back. Then again, maybe you don’t like talking about your issues, or feel like you would just be burdening others. Well, there’s a solution for you as well! How about writing a letter to the person, or people, that caused your frustrations? Address everything in this letter, whatever you wished you could just say to their face. By the time you write the last word, you’ll feel much less angry. Just don’t make the mistake of accidentally sending this letter out! It’s for your eyes only.


How to keep your cool

Accept your emotions.

If someone is hard on you, since you can’t be hard back towards them, you’re hard towards yourself as well. You might blame yourself for getting so worked up and letting other people get to you. But hey, you’re human! You have emotions, and you weren’t built to just nod meekly to everything in life. You have your own opinions and ideas, so of course, if someone else devalues this, you will feel defensive and hurt. Finding ways to blame yourself for that will just make a bad situation worse. Accept your feelings, and validate them. But not just that, find their cause – why are you feeling frustrated? It’s not just because someone said something – you either expected more from them, or from yourself. Define the source of your feelings, and they’ll be a little easier to handle.


Don’t overthink it.

It’s easy to spin out of control when you’re upset. Your mindset just goes as dark as your mood, and you only think of the worst case scenarios. Everything that could go wrong has already played out inside of your head, and now you’re not just angry and frustrated, but also worried, depressed and self-deprecating – which will also deplete your energy and make you lose your creativity and motivation. All in all, don’t overthink stuff! Take it easy, and only deal with the present – the future hasn’t happened yet, so there’s no point in trying to become an Oracle and predict it. You are in charge, and your future is not set in stone, so the only thing you need to consider is the current situation, and how you can improve it. It’s easy to think negatively, but being positive requires effort, determination and a dash of hope.


Visualize and compartmentalize.

For some reason, most of us feel that having one issue to deal with isn’t enough – why not just pile up 10 more, and make it a party! It’s mostly subconscious and almost automatic. When someone points out one thing that is wrong, you, as a dedicated critic, will be able to come up with at least a dozen more. There’s a trick we hope might be able to help with that, but it will only work if you’re able to visualize things. We will share an example, but it is best to find a visualization that is personal to you and so it will be easier for you to imagine the scenario.
Close your eyes and take deep breaths. Imagine that you are in a huge room, full of various drawers and all of your concerns and frustrations are separated in those drawers. Each of them has only one issue for you to deal with. Only one concern. Only one insecurity. Only one critique. Take deep breaths and look around the room, and then firmly open just one drawer and let one of your worries out. Once you have assessed this worry, and came to terms with it, open another one. Things will be easier to deal with if you divide and conquer, and they might not seem as big and bad as they do when they all come at you at once.


Take a break.

You deserve it! While we can’t take a break from life in general, we can take a break from things in life at least for a few short moments. Do a meditation to just relax your mind and let it wander a bit. Take a short walk and reach to accomplish your goal in the Leaf app – a victory, no matter how small, is exactly what you need. Or sit down, breathe some fresh air, close your eyes and just focus on the sounds and smells around you. Overwhelm your brain with different sensations to identify, rather than different problems.


How to keep your cool

Find your happy.

We all have something that brings us happiness. Maybe that’s family or a friend. Maybe it’s a precious pet, though let’s be honest, they count as family too. Maybe it’s a hobby that always brings a smile to your face. Or maybe there’s just that one song that will make any day more bearable. Whatever makes you happy, even if it’s something small, take a few minutes of your time to do them. If it’s friends or family, call them. If it’s your cute pet, look at a few pictures and remind yourself you’ll be home to see them soon. Maybe it’s music, so just play your favorite song and just ignore the world around you for a while. Doing something that makes you happy, will keep the feeling somewhere in the back of your mind even when you have to face reality again. A short burst of happiness in your day will also lessen the anger and frustration you felt earlier.



Forgive doesn’t mean forget. To forgive means letting go of the anger so that it doesn’t consume you. It means distancing yourself from someone else’s opinion and creating a clear line between what you think and know and what someone else thinks. And it means accepting that they view the world differently than you and have different opinions – that you don’t have to agree with. Forgiving will lessen the anger and give you the air of being calm and collected – which means you won’t have to fake your composure. Why is this important? If people are able to see that you are emotional about something and that they can get under your skin, they will start to doubt you more. In their eyes, being able to rattle you will mean you were insecure from the start and that you don’t believe in yourself – which is especially bad in a professional environment. However, if you present your case in a composed way, it will show that you are sure of your opinion and are able to stand by it calmly – even when under attack. Best case scenario, this might even make the other person reconsider what you have to say.


Even if you follow this advice, there is no guarantee you will be able to keep your cool next time. Emotions are tricky, and there is no simple equation or theory that will help contain them or reign them in.


Luckily, practice makes perfect! If you practice these tips repeatedly, stress and frustration will be easier to handle, and eventually you’ll be able to stay cool no matter which buttons were pushed.

September 20, 2017