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Spring is here, what now?

You finally have your Spring and you’re ready to become the Hydration Queen? You’ll be hitting those hydration goals in no time! Here’s a video from Urska, one of the co-founders of Bellabeat, where she shows you how to use your new Spring!


Pair it, drink it, sync it!


The first step towards enjoying your Spring is downloading the companion Bellabeat app. You can find it HERE if you use an iOS device, or HERE if you are an Android user. In case you already have the Leaf, all you have to do is open up your Bellabeat app!


Now that you have the app, it’s time to Pair your Spring! Pairing is the initial process of setting up your Spring. You can do this by simply opening up your app, turning on your Bluetooth and following the instructions on the screen. For more detailed step-by-step instructions follow THIS LINK to our Spring support page.


Paired your Spring? That’s great, you must be getting so excited, we know we are!

The next step is calibrating your Spring. Calibrating your bottle is important when setting up the Spring for the first time to ensure accurate hydration tracking. The app will guide you through every step making calibration an easy process, but if you want to be extra safe you can always follow the tutorial on THIS LINK.


That’s great news, because it means you’re ready to start using your Spring! Fill it up and start hydrating!

What now?

Your Spring will be reminding you to drink water by sending you push notifications from the app, to your phone. So make sure you have allowed push notifications for the Bellabeat app!

Once you would like to see your water intake progress and how close you are to hitting your hydration goal, all you have to do is sync your bottle!

It’s a very easy process, don’t worry. Make sure you turned on the Bluetooth on the device you are using your Bellabeat app on, go into the app, press the sync button (circle with two arrow heads), and just shake, shake, shake your Spring!

For a more guidance while syncing your Spring, please follow THIS LINK.


Wondering how you can change your units of measurement?

Here’s how!

To change the general units for tracking Spring, go to your app settings and click on your profile (name and email address). This will allow you to edit your profile and the units you wish to be tracked in. It’s just that easy. 🙂


Now you’re ready to start your hydration journey and take that valuable step towards health!

What now?

If you find yourself having any more questions or confusion, don’t be worried. Our support page should have an answer to your questions, and you can find the link to our Spring support page HERE.


If you don’t think your question was answered at the provided link, please reach out to our customer support team at! They are always eager to help.


Happy hydrating! 😉


October 19, 2017

Take our hand and reach for your health

Reach for your health

We all have goals in life that we strive to reach, whether it is personal or professional goals. Here at Bellabeat, our goal is to make all of your personal health goals come true.


If you ask people, they will likely tell you being healthy is very expensive. A large majority opt to stay at home and push through when they are sick – rather than getting checked out by a medical professional. This maybe be because you feel uncomfortable spending a large amount of money to fix something you believe will recover its own, or maybe you’re just so busy you don’t have the luxury of taking sick days and visiting doctors.

Our goal is to minimize the need for a doctor and hope that preventive medicine will be the leading health system for the future.


Some diseases might be genetic, others can be something you pick up by spending time with someone that is already sick. But there is also a variety of illnesses or diseases that can be triggered by certain aspects of your everyday life – your stress levels and how you cope with them, the level of activity you achieve daily, the amount of sleep you manage, and of course, proper eating and hydration habits.

That is how we aim to help women and bring awareness to health – by conquering the above mentioned areas and lowering risk for possible illnesses taking hold.



With Leaf we give you insight into those areas of your life you might have taken for granted or not given much thought. What this allows you, however, is to become aware of aspects of your lifestyle that have room for improvement. You are also able to set your own Goals and enhance them progressively. What is great about that is – we’re not here to push you into something before you are ready. There are no challenges that you need to meet and then feel bad if you don’t manage to. There is no comparing you to anyone else – because you are a unique person that has their own needs and goals, and we love and acknowledge that! Instead, you can set your own pace. For example, you set your Activity goal as 5000 steps a day, and you reach that goal repeatedly for a week – you can then enhance that to 7000 steps. We urge you to push yourself only to reach your own goals, to become the best version of you, and not to meet anyone else’s expectations except yours.

Reach for your health


After collecting data and seeing which areas seem to be the most problematic to our users, we created Airi. Airi covers all spheres of healthy living and gives you the support to keep going – recipes you can prepare in a jiffy, carefully designed exercises tailored to each user’s needs, meditations to keep body/mind balance, and so much more. This personal coach helps you build upon your Leaf and life goals, and gently nudges you in the right direction whenever you need that extra push. It’s the perfect tool to get you moving in the right direction, when you’re not sure where to start.



That is where our new smart water bottle, Spring, comes into play. People often overlook hydration in their quest for health, however, this is actually a very important aspect to achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle. Drinking the optimal amount of water for YOU will give you a plethora of benefits both for physical and mental health, such as improving your mood and muscle function, improving your skin, hair and nails. Let’s not forget it also helps strengthen your immune system which is important in fending off any illnesses. Last but not least, it helps you sleep better, be more focused and helps alleviate menstrual pain for many. We created Spring to calculate that water water intake need and to remind you to take regular sips.


Bellabeat Community

Finally there is one very important thing to changing your lifestyle.

Moral support.

Being supported on your journey is vital. After working hard on yourself there comes a time when you’re just tired or perhaps your motivation is slipping. Every day it seems to be harder and harder. That is where support is essential – being continually motivated by others to try your best, to know that it is possible to change your lifestyle and reach for health. We have worked on proving this level of support to our users as well as a sense of community. We hope to continue coming up with new ways to build upon this Bellabeat family we have created with your help and working on new ways to help women everywhere live a healthy life.

If we work together nothing is impossible, so remember we’re always with you – every step of the way.

Reach for your health

October 3, 2017

How much water should you drink?

How much water should you be drinking

You’ve probably had people try and sprinkle some water knowledge on you before. Things like ‘You need eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day’. Maybe they advised you to summon up the Math Wizard within you and calculate your necessary water intake per day. Both of those, have a basis in truth but are not entirely correct. Which makes sense right? Each person is different – the thing that makes you isn’t just your physique. It’s your way of life – your level of activity or sleep, and hey, it’s also your location. The climate in your area. The time of year. There are all these aspects that will determine the perfect amount of water for YOU. Not Jane or John Doe. But y-o-u.

Yes, yes, we know what you’re thinking.

‘Just drink when you are thirsty.‘

In theory, that works. However keep in mind, you feeling thirst means that you have already lost 1% of your total water weight. Granted, that doesn’t seem like a lot, but what it means is that your body is already beginning to dehydrate and is asking you to ‘please, water me!’ We don’t want your body to ever reach that and start losing valuable water percentages, because once your body starts to dehydrate you lose out on a lot of benefits. Your energy level will go down, your mood might start fluctuating, your concentration starts dropping, and you might feel the onset of one of those dreadful headaches. Not really ideal to put your body through that repeatedly, right?

How much water do you need

‘Alright fine, so if I just constantly drink water I’ll have no problems.’  

Sure… in theory. We swear that’s not our new favorite word, there are just a lot of theories going around, and we want to make sure you have only the most accurate information. Did you know you can actually develop health issues from drinking too much water as well? Yes, even too much of a good thing can turn it into a bad one! For example, if you drink too much water the sodium levels in your body lower, which stops your electrolytes from doing their job properly – in turn, this causes something called hyponatremia, which comes with its own list of unpleasant side effects. Drinking too much water can also cause heart issues, due to the increased volume of blood in your body that causes pressure to your heart. Your kidneys are at risk too, because the glomeruli which are there to filter excess water get overwhelmed and can be damaged. Those are just some of the health issues you might end up experiencing if you overdo your water intake.


So, what is that perfect amount of water you need to be the best version of yourself?

If you are properly hydrated, you’ll feel the benefits come pouring in – you might not even notice them all at once, but suddenly you’ll be able to keep your focus longer. Your muscles will be better and you might improve your durability when doing various activities. You’ll sleep better, your immune system will improve, and not to mention your hair and nails will get healthier as well! All these benefits, just from that perfect amount of water! Almost hard to believe something we take for granted could work so much in our favor, right?

Well, we were tired of just knowing all of this, and decided we wanted to bring all those health benefits directly to you!

And that is why we created Spring.

Of course, investing in a water bottle might seem pointless to some – you can find a glass bottle with a cap anywhere, and there are apps or the vast spaces of the Internet that will help you try and figure out this stuff on your own.

But our smart water bottle will save you the time, and give you so much more than the Internet or other apps can.

How much water do you need

Spring treats you as a unique individual – since you are one! It takes into consideration your physique, but it also considers your activity level, your reproductive health such as pregnancy or breastfeeding. It will keep in mind your location – the climate in your area or time of year. Once it gathers the complete picture about you, it will then determine your ideal daily water intake.

But that’s not all. Everyone is different and everyone leads different lives. If you’re not used to regularly drinking water, Spring won’t just expect or demand you instantly drink 2,5 liters a day. It will keep in mind your pace, and adapt based on it. Try and help you reach that ideal hydration goal step-by-step, until you are able to drink your recommended amount with ease.


Investing in something like drinking water might have you on the fence – but if you are interested in improving your overall well-being, we think Spring will definitely prove worth it. And we hope you will agree.


Make sure to let us know how you like Spring once you get to try it out, and don’t forget to grab yours while it’s still available!

Spring into health

September 6, 2017

Your new addi(c)tion in health, Spring

Meet your new addition, Spring

Today is the day! Finally it’s that time of the year… It’s time for Spring!

No, we’re not talking about Seasons, we’re talking about our smart water bottle! The unique and stylish way to take care of all of your hydration needs.

Spring is finally available for purchase, and you will soon get to experience all the benefits proper hydration will bring!

We’re sure you have a lot of questions, so we’ll use this chance to answer the top 3 questions on everyone’s mind: Why? How? And What?



Forgetting to drink water all day and then drinking 2 glasses at once to make up for it – sound familiar?
Or have you ever wondered how much water your body really needs? If you’re drinking enough? If you’re drinking too much?

Spring is the answer to all your hydration questions – you will never have to wonder again!
Spring will remind you to drink more water and determine your water intake needs to ensure you are always consuming the optimal amount for you as an individual.

Along with all the health benefits Spring will bring, there is also one key factor as to why the Spring bottle would be just perfect for you… it’s absolutely beautiful! The design of our new smart water bottle is so gorgeous, you will want to take a sip just to show it off! It even comes in two different colors, so you can choose the one that goes perfectly with your lifestyle.

Meet your new addiction, Spring


As mentioned, each person is unique – and so are their needs! Spring knows this, and calculates your hydration goal by taking into account your physique as well as your lifestyle habits such as your activity levels, your reproductive health data etc. as well as location – keeping in mind your local climate. It will tell you the perfect amount of water YOU need, and all you have to do is drink, sync and shake!

Syncing the bottle is easy, and even fun! All you have to do is press the sync button in the Bellabeat app and shake your bottle, like a skilled cocktail master!

As Spring has highly sensitive sensors embedded in the base of the bottle, it will be able to measure the amount of water consumed, and tell you how much you still need to drink.

Of course, there is no easy road to health but don’t worry! Spring will be guiding you step by step so that you reach your long-term hydration goal, and incorporate proper hydration into your healthy lifestyle.

Spring also has a 6-month replaceable battery, which means no unnecessary charging! It works with the Bellabeat app which is compatible with all Bellabeat products, and you are able to view your hydration data as well as your Leaf data. This will ensure you have a complete overview of your health in one place.



Our goal is to create an ecosystem of products that work together in order to provide you with the complete picture of your overall health and well-being, and Spring is a new addition to that. We hope not just to motivate and inspire people to step towards a healthier lifestyle, but assist them in achieving and creating habits that will help them lead a more wholesome life.

Of course, you will be able to benefit from Spring even without having a Leaf. It will still keep in mind your unique parameters, the physique description you will be asked to enter, and any activity you manually input into the app, to determine your optimal hydration needs. It will guide you on a path of making water a necessity in life, that never slips your mind again – and when it does, Spring will be sure to remind you.


Meet your new addiction, Spring

September 5, 2017

Step up your hydration game with Bellabeat Spring

When it comes to health and hydration, we believe that there’s no one-size-fits-all rule. Your lifestyle habits are as unique as you are and so should be your guide towards living your healthiest.


That’s why we are dedicated to building health products that give women a holistic approach to their well-being and help them build their healthiest relationship – the one they have with themselves. Our products are designed to give you a complete and comprehensive overview of your health at all times, during every stage of your life. They go far beyond measuring data, they connect you with your body and mind and help you create healthy habits.

Driven by the desire to inspire a change in women’s lives that would allow you to live your best, we wanted to build an ecosystem of products that would serve you as a guide to a healthy lifestyle, motivate you to reach your goals and help you make a healthy lifestyle your way of life.

With Leaf, you can track your activity and progress throughout the day, monitor your sleep during the night, get valuable feedback on your monthly cycles and learn how your lifestyle habits affect your stress sensitivity and how to manage it with guided meditation.

We are more than excited to share with you what we’ve been working on for the past 12 months!

Meet Spring 

Proudly announcing Spring, Bellabeat’s smart water bottle and the first bottle powered by AI. Spring is designed to make hydration an effortless habit, improve your health and give you knowledge about your hydration habits. From where you live to how active you are, your body’s hydration needs are unique. We made a bottle that tracks your water intake and calculates your hydration goals based on your body’s needs.

Why hydration is our next chapter

Hydration is the foundation of one’s self-care. Almost 70% of our body is made of water and we can’t go longer than a couple of days without it. So how come it is always the last thing on our mind?

Busy lifestyles have led us to neglect and forget that by taking care of ourselves first we can be more productive, happier, healthier, and better in everything we do. The number one reason people say they’re not drinking enough water is: “I forgot.”

No more forgetting, no more guessing.

Spring makes sure you never forget to drink water with notifications that remind you to drink regularly based on your hydration goals. It tracks your water intake throughout the day and helps you develop a healthy hydration habit.

Spring comes with different options to accessorize it your way and we can’t wait to reveal you more.


Be the first one to get more exclusive info by signing up to our wait list here and let us know your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.


May 31, 2017