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Get the Look – Style Inspo

This week we wanted to share with you some of our favorite pieces of arm candy and let the photos do the talking. Check out some combinations we absolutely adore.

Find one you love? Just click on your pick and shop the look.

Leaf Nature Silver + Sand Bracelet 


Leaf Nature Rose Gold + Nude Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Silver + Impulse Clip + Sweet Berry Active Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Rose Gold + Inspire Bracelet 


Leaf Nature Silver + Mint Active Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Rose Gold + Valentine Bracelet 



August 9, 2017

Four Benefits of Wearing A Health Tracker

Meditation exercises in Leaf app

How often do you wear your Leaf? What purposes do you wear it for? Here are four amazing benefits and reasons why you should wear it all the time, and not just while exercising.

1. Gives you insight

How many hours do you sleep at night? How active do you think you are? When is your period due next? You might be surprised to learn that most people perceive very different values than what they are in reality. Arguably, the single greatest value of wearing the Leaf health tracker is that it gives you the insight you didn’t realize you were missing. How can we improve things if we don’t know what needs improving? By learning about your body, you empower yourself to make changes that are long lasting and beneficial to your well-being.


2. Motivates you

Nothing motivates us more than progress. The value of those ’before vs after’ pics go beyond keeping a record. They let us visually see what the mind sometimes forgets and keeps us going when in doubt. It works the same way with your step tracking and active minutes. Seeing your daily progress in the Leaf app gives you that push to go a little further and the motivational messages are a great little pep talk. Who doesn’t love the occasional pat on the back?

3. Sets the bar

Walking 10.000 steps a day can seem impossible with the obligations of daily life. But did you know, more often than not, getting in some active minutes is easier than it might initially seem. Many people report surprise at learning how many steps they have actually made and how easily it came to them. Sometimes we just don’t realize our own strength. Tracking your activity with Leaf sets your very own bench mark and taking it up the extra notch starts to look like a piece of cake. Mmmm cake. Watch your personal goals increase in no time.

Leaf activity goal setting

4. Helps with the math

Many women report getting a health tracker to help them with weight loss. You may have heard of the simple breakdown “weight loss = calories consumed < calories spent.” It’s a little more complex than that (as not all calories are the same), but by keeping a food journal and tracking your activity with Leaf, you can get a simple overview of your daily caloric expenditure. Armed with that information you can make smarter food choice and progress to a more balanced lifestyle. Healthy is happy.

July 26, 2017

All New Colors. All New Range.

Our new Active bracelets have landed, and they have made quite the splash. Kicking it off with two tantalizing summer colors, Sweet Berry and Fresh Mint, we’ve introduced a range of rubber bracelets that are super comfortable to wear and are perfect for those sweat inducing workouts. You’ll be the envy of your gym buddies with these gorgeous pieces of arm candy.

The inspiration for our Active range has come solely from you, our users. Along with a material that is more workout friendly, the bracelets have an adjustable one-size design suitable for all wrists. And for our users out there who aren’t fans of leather, we wanted to give you an option to accessorize your way, so we come up with a range made purely from animal-friendly materials.                                                                                                                                                             

Haven’t grabbed yours yet?

Simply click on the one you love and make your Leaf look pop with color before they all get snatched up.


Did we mention they are compatible with all Leaf editions?

This range is seriously one of our favorites so far. Check out this instructional video demonstrating how to adjust the size of your bracelet.

Let us know in the comments section below what colors you would like to see in the future.






July 21, 2017


This summer, we want to take you on a journey that will change your life. We promise you that it will feed your soul, take you to new places, and help you uncover a lot more about yourself. This summer, we want you to be the most confident you’ve ever been and build the strongest mind-body connection you’ve ever had.

This summer, we want to take you on a journey…into yourself.

Taking this journey doesn’t require you packing your bags, you just have to open your Leaf app and try one of our new 3D meditations. They will lead you to the tropical island of your dreams, country meadow or some far away place that will help you calm your anxieties and push your worries away.

We are so happy and excited to take you on this journey with us and our new 3D meditation exercises, enriched with the sounds of nature to help you find your zen.

Whenever you need an escape from the everyday rush, with just a tap you can find a ticket to that magical place where all your worries disappear. We’ve created these peaceful 3D meditation exercises to offer you a completely immersive experience that will help you relax, focus, let go of everything that no longer serves you and train your mind like you train your body.

We added 8 new meditations that you will easily recognize in the app as they are all marked with a 3D icon on the left side.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Open your Leaf app

2. Go into the meditation home screen

3. Click the button ‘Meditate’

4. Scroll down and look for the meditation exercises marked with the 3D icon


You can choose between 8 new meditation exercises. Just press Play to start the journey to a relaxing 3D meditation experience:


Deep Sleep

Practising meditation before sleep helps your body and mind to relax and prepare it for deep sleep. Let the immersive binaural sound experience guide you into a deep sleep.


Food Cravings

Learn everything about a simple mind trick that will help you reduce or stop unhealthy food and sugar cravings. Choose between a 4 minute  and 8 minute meditation exercises.


Back Pain

A guided meditation that will take you on a meditative journey where there are no unpleasant feelings, only complete body relaxation. Release that back pain with this simple exercise.


Calming Anxiety

Release tension and bring peaceful state of mind with this de-stress meditation.


Inner Peace

A guided meditation that will take you to an enchanted place surrounded with immersive binaural sounds for a peaceful, relaxing day.


Tropical Island

Get away from daily stress. Embark on a day-dreaming journey to a beautiful tropical paradise. Just close your eyes, focus on the sounds you’re hearing and you’ll be there.


Country Meadow

Relax your mind surrounded by sounds from nature, while lying in the middle of a country meadow.


Deep Ocean

Enjoy the sounds of the underwater wildlife that will help you relax and lull you to sleep.


Meditation is for everyone

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting with meditation or if you’re already a meditation fan who practices regularly, meditating is for everyone. If you’re just kick-starting your meditation practice, it might be useful to go through our guided meditation exercises in the Leaf app to learn the basics but you can also choose to manually add your own meditation time if you wish to meditate on your own. With more than 20 meditation exercises in your Leaf app, we are sure that you will find the one that works for you and helps you start your day right.


Share your progress

Don’t forget that you can also share your progress with inspirational mindful messages and quotes designed to inspire you every day to connect your body and mind.

We can’t wait for you to try them all and hear your feedback! Let us know in the comments below how you like them or if you would like to see any other meditation exercises in your Leaf app in the future.


July 20, 2017

Make Your Very Own Flower Crown

Our community has been encouragingly active over the summer. We have had more steps recorded than ever before. Well done ladies, just keep on syncing.

Today we thought we’d focus a little on the well-being side of things while we let out legs rest. With summer in full swing, we are sure the backyard parties, outdoor weddings, festivals and other sunkissed events are filling your agenda. And what better way to accessories for any summer party than with a flower crown? Except with a Leaf of course.

Check out this simple tutorial by Leaf owner Christy from Crowns By Christy and learn how to make your very own flower crown in 6 simple steps.

Step 1:

Gather your supplies. For this simple flower crown you will need the following:

–  Florist wire or florist tape

– Garden shears or scissors

– Thick and pliable craft wire

-Faux flowers of your choice

Step 2

Cut your flowers, leaving 1.5-2 inches of the steam and create a pile of blooms to easily select those you want to use as your work.

Step 3:

Use the craft wire to create the base of your flower crown. Measure it around your head to make sure it fits and then twist the two ends together. You can use the florist tale to cover the sharp edges so that they don’t scratch you or pull your hair.

Step 4:

Pick your first flower and place it against the craft wire. Use the florist tape or wire to wrap the flower to the craft wire 2-3 times around.

Step 5:

Repeat Step 4 by adding individual flowers or small bunches of florals, moving in the same direction.

Step 6:
Complete the flower crown by repeating Step 4 until the craft wire circle is covered and your crown is complete!


And voilà. All done. Be sure to share some photos of your creations below or on Instagram using the hashtag #bellabeat.



July 12, 2017