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What you need to know about stress

about stress

Stress, the enemy of the modern woman. The truth is, not all stress is necessarily ‘bad’. Stress is a physical response of your body to an unexpected situation that causes the fight or flight response. It demands you kick into action and react. Sometimes that can be a good thing. The point at which stress goes from being that additional push to having a negative effect on your mind and body is when it becomes chronic. Chronic stressors include a variety of things such as an overload of work, financial difficulties, marital arguments, family problems or even the frustration of traffic jams. It is the cumulative effect of all the minor situations that you push down during the day, that end up summoning forth the stress monster.

How does stress really impact your body?

Chronic stress will weaken the immune system and cause high blood pressure, depression, anxiety, and even heart disease. The impacts of stress on health vary amongst people, but what most have in common are feelings of anxiety, depression and sleep problems. Things that can greatly impact your everyday lifestyle and hinder you from fulfilling your true potential. Luckily, there are ways to combat stress and lessen its impact on your mind and body.

The first step is determining which physical aspects will make you more susceptible to stress. While we are unable to predict external stressors or create an emotional barrier that would be able to serve as protection, we can train our bodies to be better resistant to stress.

Leaf to the rescue!

Therefore, step one is becoming aware of which aspects of your physical health will impact your stress levels, and how.

A good tool for that is our health tracker, Leaf. It will track your activity, sleep, reproductive health and use the cumulative data to estimate your physical resistance to stress each day. It helps bring awareness as to which areas of your health have room for improvement, and how much each factor contributes to your decreasing stress resistance. Perhaps one of the best parts of the Leaf is that it doesn’t just stop there. It offers a way to de-stress, if you ever feel overwhelmed, in the form of meditations.

about stress

Meditate the stress away!

It’s possible you’re rolling your eyes now, or just very convinced that meditating isn’t for you. Many assume that they simply can’t meditate, because they don’t like what they are currently familiar with in terms of meditation. Maybe you just can’t relax when someone is talking, or you find it hard to clear your mind especially when someone else tells you to. Maybe you see no point in repeating some mantra all the time in your head because it just makes your mind wander away more. Everyone is unique, so why should the way everyone meditates be the same or similar?

The goal of meditation is to push other thoughts out of your head, and exist in the moment. Why is that important in relation to stress? Stress is caused by worrying about the future, about the way a current or past situation will impact the following days or even the next few hours. Which is why stress usually comes hand in hand with anxiety – creating additional worry about the future and your place in it, and depression – there to help you convince yourself of failure before you’ve even started. That’s why meditation is the perfect tool to fight stress away. Meditating will help you stay in the present, without overthinking about the future, and often once you’re done with your meditation things will seem a bit clearer and less dark.

Give it a chance!

Hopefully this has at least made you consider giving meditating an honest chance. Now, the trick to doing it successfully is finding what works for you. Audio guided meditations aren’t your thing? You don’t like continually repeating the same mantra in your head?

Have you tried playing ambient sounds and just focusing on your breathing? Sometimes that is all it takes, just taking deep breaths and relaxing with sounds that will take your mind away from the present. If you feel your thoughts drifting, don’t try to force yourself not to think. Focus on your breath, and let the inhale and exhale take over your mind. After a while your thoughts should start fading out.

Try this method the next time, or use it to find one that works for you. Meditation is for everyone, but not everyone meditates the same way.

About stress

The meditations in the Bellabeat app come in a variety of forms – those that are guided by a soothing voice, or simply 3D ambient sounds that can take you on your own journey. All meditations are monitored by the Leaf which tracks your breathing and determines the quality of meditation you’ve accomplished. You also have the ability set your own meditation goals and enhance them as you progress. A great tool to help you improve on your meditation step by step.



December 6, 2017

Boost your immune system and prepare for the cold

Boost your immune system

As the weather grows cold, you might find yourself catching a cold yourself. Maybe you had no problem fighting off those bacteria and viruses during summer, but in the meantime your immune system betrayed you, and now you just can’t seem to not be sick.


We’ve all been there, it can be a struggle to build up your immune system, so here are a few tips on how to make it easier for you.


Exercise regularly.

Maintaining a regular exercising schedule, will not just prove good for your health and body, but it’s also great for your immune system! The way your immune system responds to exercise is by producing more blood cells that attack bacterial invaders. With making your exercise a routine and doing it regularly, you will ensure long lasting results. Not to mention being physically active will flush bacteria out of the lungs and airway which would help clear out any cold that might be brewing. Use your Leaf to track your daily activity, and make sure you are being active enough.


Good hygiene – wash your hands thoroughly.

This is something we all heard from a young age – wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Making sure you are clean and free from all the bacteria will naturally lessen your chances of catching any illness. You’ve probably notice that once one person around you gets sick, suddenly everyone is down with the same health issues. It’s easy to spread a disease, so make sure you wash up regularly and keep a clean and fresh living environment.


Boost your immune system

Food that boost your immune system.

First and foremost, it’s all about nutrition! Your body draws valuable nutrients from food and drinks that help boost and improve your immune system. Maybe you didn’t go out of your way to include these in your menu, but there’s no time like now! Prepare for those winter days by finding some creative ways to incorporate the following items in your daily diet : Broccoli, Spinach, Ginger, Garlic, Yogurt, Green tea, Papaya, Sunflower seeds.

If the problem you run into is simply lack of time to get creative, you can always consult Airi – the best mind and body coach a woman can have. We’re sure she has a few fitting recipes in her cookbook.


Don’t let your stress consume you.

Stress will damage your immune system by raising your blood pressure, as well as damage your cardiovascular health all together. Being exposed to daily stress repeatedly will cause a dysregulation in your immune system and might increase the likelihood of you catching an illness even in people who are overall healthy. When you feel a wave of stress or anxiety coming over you take a break. Just relax for a little bit. Do a meditation from your Leaf app – or if you don’t like to do guided meditations, try one of our non-guided and relax with ambient sounds. Maybe meditation isn’t your favorite way to de-stress, so try doing a sport. Running or martial arts are an excellent way to get rid of extra stress. Give it a try, it might just work for you!


Boost your immune system


Getting enough sleep.

Most of us have a continuous struggle between going out into the world and bonding with your bed. Usually it ends with us leaving the bed, often without having had enough sleep. Repeatedly getting less sleep than your body needs, will damage your immune system and make you more likely to get sick. Use your Leaf silent Alarms to remind yourself to go to sleep earlier. It might not be something you can do every day, but try to get enough sleep at least 4 out of the 7 days of the week.


Don’t isolate yourself.

Sometimes it might feel like loneliness is an illness all for itself. But did you know that being lonely might actually affect your immune system? Being isolated might actually affect the production of antiviral proteins and reduce the body’s ability to fight infections. So while we know that as the cold weather approaches, cuddling with your blanket seems like the best company, try to include your loved ones in your life as much as you can. Don’t hesitate to invite them, after all, it’s good for your health! Who needs a better excuse?


We hope these tips might help you boost your immune system the natural way. Be careful if you opt to take supplements in the form of pills and vitamins – always do your research!







October 25, 2017

Take our hand and reach for your health

Reach for your health

We all have goals in life that we strive to reach, whether it is personal or professional goals. Here at Bellabeat, our goal is to make all of your personal health goals come true.


If you ask people, they will likely tell you being healthy is very expensive. A large majority opt to stay at home and push through when they are sick – rather than getting checked out by a medical professional. This maybe be because you feel uncomfortable spending a large amount of money to fix something you believe will recover its own, or maybe you’re just so busy you don’t have the luxury of taking sick days and visiting doctors.

Our goal is to minimize the need for a doctor and hope that preventive medicine will be the leading health system for the future.


Some diseases might be genetic, others can be something you pick up by spending time with someone that is already sick. But there is also a variety of illnesses or diseases that can be triggered by certain aspects of your everyday life – your stress levels and how you cope with them, the level of activity you achieve daily, the amount of sleep you manage, and of course, proper eating and hydration habits.

That is how we aim to help women and bring awareness to health – by conquering the above mentioned areas and lowering risk for possible illnesses taking hold.



With Leaf we give you insight into those areas of your life you might have taken for granted or not given much thought. What this allows you, however, is to become aware of aspects of your lifestyle that have room for improvement. You are also able to set your own Goals and enhance them progressively. What is great about that is – we’re not here to push you into something before you are ready. There are no challenges that you need to meet and then feel bad if you don’t manage to. There is no comparing you to anyone else – because you are a unique person that has their own needs and goals, and we love and acknowledge that! Instead, you can set your own pace. For example, you set your Activity goal as 5000 steps a day, and you reach that goal repeatedly for a week – you can then enhance that to 7000 steps. We urge you to push yourself only to reach your own goals, to become the best version of you, and not to meet anyone else’s expectations except yours.

Reach for your health


After collecting data and seeing which areas seem to be the most problematic to our users, we created Airi. Airi covers all spheres of healthy living and gives you the support to keep going – recipes you can prepare in a jiffy, carefully designed exercises tailored to each user’s needs, meditations to keep body/mind balance, and so much more. This personal coach helps you build upon your Leaf and life goals, and gently nudges you in the right direction whenever you need that extra push. It’s the perfect tool to get you moving in the right direction, when you’re not sure where to start.



That is where our new smart water bottle, Spring, comes into play. People often overlook hydration in their quest for health, however, this is actually a very important aspect to achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle. Drinking the optimal amount of water for YOU will give you a plethora of benefits both for physical and mental health, such as improving your mood and muscle function, improving your skin, hair and nails. Let’s not forget it also helps strengthen your immune system which is important in fending off any illnesses. Last but not least, it helps you sleep better, be more focused and helps alleviate menstrual pain for many. We created Spring to calculate that water water intake need and to remind you to take regular sips.


Bellabeat Community

Finally there is one very important thing to changing your lifestyle.

Moral support.

Being supported on your journey is vital. After working hard on yourself there comes a time when you’re just tired or perhaps your motivation is slipping. Every day it seems to be harder and harder. That is where support is essential – being continually motivated by others to try your best, to know that it is possible to change your lifestyle and reach for health. We have worked on proving this level of support to our users as well as a sense of community. We hope to continue coming up with new ways to build upon this Bellabeat family we have created with your help and working on new ways to help women everywhere live a healthy life.

If we work together nothing is impossible, so remember we’re always with you – every step of the way.

Reach for your health

October 3, 2017

New home screen in your Leaf app

As you may have noticed, this summer we were working extra hard to bring you the best possible experiences, new products, new accessories and we have much more in store! Don’t worry, we will never stop improving!
After introducing our new active collection of bracelets for your Leaf, bringing new 3D meditations to the Leaf app, welcoming Airi – your personal body and mind coach in your pocket and announcing the new clip for your Leaf Urban, we are back on improving Leaf app for you!


New in Leaf app

As of today, simply by opening your Leaf app, you will notice a new, fresh look of your Leaf app.

Our home screen just got a makeover!


What’s changed

We wanted to bring you a new design that will give your Leaf app a new clean touch and make it easier to check on all your stats.

We chose the white color as the main color so that navigating through your App will be even more accessible.

New home screen in your Leaf app

You might notice that there are some differences with our icons as well, but don’t worry, you should still be able to recognize them easily! With a fresh new make-over and ready for new victories, all of the icons in your Leaf App are now circular in shape.Wondering why? Each circle represents your daily set goal, motivating you to close the full circle every day. When the circle is full, you’ll know you’ve reached your goal. And if you want a more precise overview of your progress, just check the numbers next to it!

Simply open your Leaf app to see the new home screen in your app!


We want to hear from you

We want your Leaf app to give you meaningful insights into your health at all times so that you can act upon them and learn more about your body and mind and we never stop working on making things even better for you. Let us know in the comments below what you would like to see next in your Leaf app, what you would like to improve and how we can make your Leaf app even better.

August 25, 2017

Get the Look – Style Inspo

This week we wanted to share with you some of our favorite pieces of arm candy and let the photos do the talking. Check out some combinations we absolutely adore.

Find one you love? Just click on your pick and shop the look.

Leaf Nature Silver + Sand Bracelet 


Leaf Nature Rose Gold + Nude Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Silver + Impulse Clip + Sweet Berry Active Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Rose Gold + Inspire Bracelet 


Leaf Nature Silver + Mint Active Bracelet 


Leaf Urban Rose Gold + Valentine Bracelet 



August 9, 2017