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Meet Airi. Your personal mind and body coach.

The importance of women making the time to take care of themselves and their health is something we’ve been working hard on advocating for the last couple of years.

We know it is easy to lose sight of your health in your busy lifestyle, so we made sure to create that perfect companion to help you along the way. Leaf was designed as a beautiful jewelry piece that gives you feedback on your overall well-being and how your body and mind function in harmony.

However, that was only the first step!

We want to make sure your health becomes your lifestyle, and being healthy is integrated into your daily routine! Believe us, we know making that first step can be hard; you’re busy and just don’t have the time, you want to start but by the time you organize yourself your initial drive has depleted… There are many obstacles that keep us from sticking to the journey of health!


That’s why we are very excited to present Airi to you, your guide to a healthy lifestyle, or as we like to describe her – your personal body and mind coach always available right in your pocket.


Who is Airi

Airi is designed as an app that will help you form long-lasting lifestyle changes and support you every step of the way on your journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to get in shape, eat better or discover mindfulness, Airi can help you with tailored advice and feedback. Think of Airi as that personal mind and body coach you never had but always secretly wanted.

You are absolutely unique in every aspect of your life, and Airi knows that! With Airi, you get personalized advice, tips, and guidance on how to live healthier and work out with a focus on all aspects of your well-being: activity, nutrition, hydration, meditation.

How it works

Airi combines highly advanced AI that learns from you with educational content to give you the best tips and advice based on your own personal needs and goals. The app consists of two parts; a chat interface with a guided conversation, and the collection of content with daily recipes, workouts and relaxation exercises.

A Healthy lifestyle is for life. Not just for a couple of weeks.

Airi is your friend that motivates you when it’s time to push for those goals. She is here to guide you through every step of the way; from cheering you on when you are doing your best, to reminding you when it’s time to push your limits. With no weekends off and no holidays to focus on, Airi is here for you 24/7. Creating lasting lifestyle habits requires dedication, persistence, and guidance. The good news is, now you finally have a personal coach that can help you make that happen.

All in one place

With daily focus messages, Airi will remind you to dedicate some time in your day for what is most important – the various aspects of your well-being, and will give you the tools and methods to achieve your goals.


Airi’s workout videos are designed to help you get in shape and move your body every day. Simply find your place to sweat, whether it’s in your home or at the gym, open Airi and start working on feeling the most confident and strongest in your body. As each body is different and has different needs, the exercises are suitable for all levels as well as preferences in activity type, and the best part? They require no or minimum equipment!


Get ready to say goodbye to “I don’t know how to prepare healthy food” or “I don’t have any ideas.” Airi sends you daily healthy recipes that are easy to make and don’t require much of your time. No more excuses! Eating healthy is a crucial part of your well-being journey and fueling your body with the right food will help you feel and look good.


Airi will make sure that you’re always well hydrated and that you have fun while doing so! You will get ideas and inspiration to spice up your water with frozen treats, water cocktails and delicious smoothies. All the recipes are created so that they’re easy to prepare, taste yummy and most important of all – do their job in keeping you hydrated and healthy! Happy hydrating!


Your daily dose of mindfulness is available to you anywhere and anytime, with guided meditation exercises that Airi will send to you. Unwind, relax, focus, find your serenity and train your mind like you train your body.


How to start with Airi

Airi is a subscription-based app that offers you motivation and guidance to follow in order to develop long-lasting lifestyle changes. All you need is the will to start your journey, and to press that +Get button in your App store!

Users can experience Airi for free with a 7-day free trial offer that allows you to discover what it feels like to have a personal mind and body coach, at your service. Once the free trial expires, it is possible to extend it for $9.99 per month or $4.99 if you are a Leaf user. That’s right, a special offer for all Leaf users!


With Leaf and Airi by your side, health will be yours for the taking! Download Airi now and let us know your feedback, we can’t wait to hear how you like it.

August 1, 2017