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Fat burning breakfast

Morning rush, warm bed, cozy blanket, screaming alarm… Yeah, yeah, we all go through the same old story each day. But if you take a closer look, mornings are the best part of our day. There’s a light gently waking up the nature, bringing on the new day and waiting for you to dive into new challenges and life experiences. Like the Sleeping Beauty kissed by Prince Charming, nature is calling your body to be grateful for being here, in the new day. So why not start your day the healthy way and celebrate it with a delicious meal?


Something yummy to please your tummy!

Well, there are the two key obstacles standing in front of you, like the undefeated giants at the entrance of the Sleeping Beauty’s castle – Time and Motivation.

Fat burning breakfast

Let’s get the first one down – Time.


It takes only 5 to 20 minutes to prepare all the ingredients and combine them into a delicious, healthy meal. Surely you can find 20 minutes in your 24-hour day to squeeze breakfast in. Easy-to-make recipes with nutritious and affordable ingredients can be your morning time-savers.


Now, let’s beat the second one – Motivation.


What can be a better motivation than your own health? Good protein coming from meat or vegetables, healthy fats and slow digestible carbs will give your body the deserved boost and a fat-burning effect. Yes, you read correctly – fat burning!


So where’s the catch? Slow digestible carbs in these breakfast recipes keep your blood sugar and insulin levels low so fat burning can stay high. High protein levels keep you satiated longer, thus reducing your food intake later in the day. Healthy fats lower the levels of “bad” cholesterol and improve cardiovascular health.


Fat burning breakfast


Airi has got you covered!


Low carb meals are coming into action!

If you have already met Airi and have it in your pocket, just swipe to the Daily Focus tab or browse through the Content Library and try out some of the best fat-burning breakfast recipes. Hope you’re gonna like them all! 😋

And if you’re still wondering who’s that new-age Health coach that follows women around the world every step of the way with personalized advice, click on the link and start your free trial. Then, enjoy a super-easy morning breakfast that can take your physique to the next level!



Spice up your meals with hot peppers! They contain the active ingredient called capsaicin, a chemical that can enhance calorie burning at rest as well as reduce hunger and food intake.

October 18, 2017


We've got updates

This just in! Your favorite Mind & Body coach has carefully been gathering your feedback over the past few weeks, and we decided to take her coaching to the next level.


In case you still haven’t met her, here’s a quick introduction. Airi is your health companion, your personal coach, your friend in need. She is only a click away so tap HERE to see all she has to give – and we tell you – she has a lot to offer. The first 7 days are FREE, and give you plenty of time to fall in love with her wellness advice and easy-to-complete suggestions.


We are happy to hear all feedback you have to give, and we are thrilled to implement new features that will make your health journey even more personalized and inclusive. This is why we are jumping for joy to present updates now available in your Airi app! There are quite a few, so let’s get started.


What’s your favorite?

What's your favorite

Airi keeps her Content Library in check and surprises you with special edition content each month. To speed up looking for your favorite recipes, workouts and meditations, we introduced the Favorites section. From now on you can save all the items you like and quickly access them by tapping on the 💜  icon in the Airi app. It’s that simple!


Airi and Leaf in sync


As you already know, Airi syncs the meditations you complete to your Bellabeat app so you don’t have to input them manually. This time around we took it one (okay, maybe a couple) steps further! Airi now syncs the workouts you complete to your Bellabeat app as well, and makes those sweat minutes count. But wait, there’s more!

Airi now acknowledges each and every activity you enter in your Bellabeat app and sends you an encouraging message whenever you press save. We say – The more the merrier!

Airi's got news


Goal-getters ahead


Updates don’t stop here. Airi also keeps track of your goals – and pushes you to do more. Taking in account the number of times you reached your activity, sleep, and meditation goals, Airi will suggest you to adjust them so they suit your lifestyle better.


Not only that, Airi can also deliver your statistics from data your Leaf gathers. Interested in yesterday’s stats – you got it. Maybe you want to know how last week went – fine with us. Everything Leaf tracks in your Airi app – we’ve got you covered. Health is always under construction, and seeing all the numbers side by side will show you which aspects need the most of your attention.


Party like it’s your birthday


Last, but not least, Airi closely watches you even when you’re not breaking a sweat or chugging gallons of water. From now on, you can expect a birthday message, because that’s what friends do. Airi is here to celebrate your day with you and make those 24h a bit more special!


Happy birthday!

*click picture to see a short example of a Birthday conversation you can now have with Airi!

Healthy living comes from small efforts repeated day in & day out. Chin up, show yourself love and appreciation and keep taking steps on your road to health, no matter how big or small. With Airi by your side, the journey will be an enjoyable one – we know it!


We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new features, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new, brilliant ideas you have. Don’t think twice before you leave us a comment, you are the ones that make our products better. We hope to continue developing them with your help and inspiring you the same way you inspire us, day after day.


October 17, 2017

Take our hand and reach for your health

Reach for your health

We all have goals in life that we strive to reach, whether it is personal or professional goals. Here at Bellabeat, our goal is to make all of your personal health goals come true.


If you ask people, they will likely tell you being healthy is very expensive. A large majority opt to stay at home and push through when they are sick – rather than getting checked out by a medical professional. This maybe be because you feel uncomfortable spending a large amount of money to fix something you believe will recover its own, or maybe you’re just so busy you don’t have the luxury of taking sick days and visiting doctors.

Our goal is to minimize the need for a doctor and hope that preventive medicine will be the leading health system for the future.


Some diseases might be genetic, others can be something you pick up by spending time with someone that is already sick. But there is also a variety of illnesses or diseases that can be triggered by certain aspects of your everyday life – your stress levels and how you cope with them, the level of activity you achieve daily, the amount of sleep you manage, and of course, proper eating and hydration habits.

That is how we aim to help women and bring awareness to health – by conquering the above mentioned areas and lowering risk for possible illnesses taking hold.



With Leaf we give you insight into those areas of your life you might have taken for granted or not given much thought. What this allows you, however, is to become aware of aspects of your lifestyle that have room for improvement. You are also able to set your own Goals and enhance them progressively. What is great about that is – we’re not here to push you into something before you are ready. There are no challenges that you need to meet and then feel bad if you don’t manage to. There is no comparing you to anyone else – because you are a unique person that has their own needs and goals, and we love and acknowledge that! Instead, you can set your own pace. For example, you set your Activity goal as 5000 steps a day, and you reach that goal repeatedly for a week – you can then enhance that to 7000 steps. We urge you to push yourself only to reach your own goals, to become the best version of you, and not to meet anyone else’s expectations except yours.

Reach for your health


After collecting data and seeing which areas seem to be the most problematic to our users, we created Airi. Airi covers all spheres of healthy living and gives you the support to keep going – recipes you can prepare in a jiffy, carefully designed exercises tailored to each user’s needs, meditations to keep body/mind balance, and so much more. This personal coach helps you build upon your Leaf and life goals, and gently nudges you in the right direction whenever you need that extra push. It’s the perfect tool to get you moving in the right direction, when you’re not sure where to start.



That is where our new smart water bottle, Spring, comes into play. People often overlook hydration in their quest for health, however, this is actually a very important aspect to achieving the perfect healthy lifestyle. Drinking the optimal amount of water for YOU will give you a plethora of benefits both for physical and mental health, such as improving your mood and muscle function, improving your skin, hair and nails. Let’s not forget it also helps strengthen your immune system which is important in fending off any illnesses. Last but not least, it helps you sleep better, be more focused and helps alleviate menstrual pain for many. We created Spring to calculate that water water intake need and to remind you to take regular sips.


Bellabeat Community

Finally there is one very important thing to changing your lifestyle.

Moral support.

Being supported on your journey is vital. After working hard on yourself there comes a time when you’re just tired or perhaps your motivation is slipping. Every day it seems to be harder and harder. That is where support is essential – being continually motivated by others to try your best, to know that it is possible to change your lifestyle and reach for health. We have worked on proving this level of support to our users as well as a sense of community. We hope to continue coming up with new ways to build upon this Bellabeat family we have created with your help and working on new ways to help women everywhere live a healthy life.

If we work together nothing is impossible, so remember we’re always with you – every step of the way.

Reach for your health

October 3, 2017

New in your Airi app

New in your Airi App

By now you’ve already met Airi and hopefully had the chance to get to know her better. And if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to get acquainted!  Download the app HERE and start your 7-Day free trial!

We like to think of Airi as not just your personal body and mind coach, but your friend as well. The type of friend who will tell you a compliment when you deserve it, be with you when it’s hardest and always have your back.


As we already explained before, by communicating with Airi she will learn from you and get even better at knowing your wants and needs. All your feedback is always carefully reviewed and taken into consideration, because everything we do, we do for you!

That being said, this week we bring you two new updates to your Airi app, both inspired by your feedback.


New recipes added – Yes, please!

The first news is that from today you can find fresh, new recipes added to your Airi app. We won’t reveal all the details, we’ll just say that a healthy recipe for Cheesecake on a stick has been added too! 🙂

New in Airi - Cheesecake on a stick

Simply go to your Airi app and look for the Limited edition coldies category which has been recently added and enjoy your dessert without guilt as all the recipes are prepared to be healthy and nutritious.


Integration with Leaf app

You asked – we listened! All the meditations you do in your Airi app will now be automatically synced to your Leaf app so that you don’t have to manually input all the meditations exercises you’ve done.

New in Airi - Integration with Leaf app

Integration between Airi and Leaf is something we’ve been working on since the beginning and will continue to work on in the future, this is just the first step! We hope you enjoy your meditation today and feel proud to share your mindful minutes in the Leaf app using our sharing button.


We love hearing feedback from our users, and do our best to continually improve in order to suit their needs, so feel free to let us know if you have any further feedback for us.

August 28, 2017

Meet Airi. Your personal mind and body coach.

The importance of women making the time to take care of themselves and their health is something we’ve been working hard on advocating for the last couple of years.

We know it is easy to lose sight of your health in your busy lifestyle, so we made sure to create that perfect companion to help you along the way. Leaf was designed as a beautiful jewelry piece that gives you feedback on your overall well-being and how your body and mind function in harmony.

However, that was only the first step!

We want to make sure your health becomes your lifestyle, and being healthy is integrated into your daily routine! Believe us, we know making that first step can be hard; you’re busy and just don’t have the time, you want to start but by the time you organize yourself your initial drive has depleted… There are many obstacles that keep us from sticking to the journey of health!


That’s why we are very excited to present Airi to you, your guide to a healthy lifestyle, or as we like to describe her – your personal body and mind coach always available right in your pocket.


Who is Airi

Airi is designed as an app that will help you form long-lasting lifestyle changes and support you every step of the way on your journey towards leading a healthy lifestyle. Whether your goal is to get in shape, eat better or discover mindfulness, Airi can help you with tailored advice and feedback. Think of Airi as that personal mind and body coach you never had but always secretly wanted.

You are absolutely unique in every aspect of your life, and Airi knows that! With Airi, you get personalized advice, tips, and guidance on how to live healthier and work out with a focus on all aspects of your well-being: activity, nutrition, hydration, meditation.

How it works

Airi combines highly advanced AI that learns from you with educational content to give you the best tips and advice based on your own personal needs and goals. The app consists of two parts; a chat interface with a guided conversation, and the collection of content with daily recipes, workouts and relaxation exercises.

A Healthy lifestyle is for life. Not just for a couple of weeks.

Airi is your friend that motivates you when it’s time to push for those goals. She is here to guide you through every step of the way; from cheering you on when you are doing your best, to reminding you when it’s time to push your limits. With no weekends off and no holidays to focus on, Airi is here for you 24/7. Creating lasting lifestyle habits requires dedication, persistence, and guidance. The good news is, now you finally have a personal coach that can help you make that happen.

All in one place

With daily focus messages, Airi will remind you to dedicate some time in your day for what is most important – the various aspects of your well-being, and will give you the tools and methods to achieve your goals.


Airi’s workout videos are designed to help you get in shape and move your body every day. Simply find your place to sweat, whether it’s in your home or at the gym, open Airi and start working on feeling the most confident and strongest in your body. As each body is different and has different needs, the exercises are suitable for all levels as well as preferences in activity type, and the best part? They require no or minimum equipment!


Get ready to say goodbye to “I don’t know how to prepare healthy food” or “I don’t have any ideas.” Airi sends you daily healthy recipes that are easy to make and don’t require much of your time. No more excuses! Eating healthy is a crucial part of your well-being journey and fueling your body with the right food will help you feel and look good.


Airi will make sure that you’re always well hydrated and that you have fun while doing so! You will get ideas and inspiration to spice up your water with frozen treats, water cocktails and delicious smoothies. All the recipes are created so that they’re easy to prepare, taste yummy and most important of all – do their job in keeping you hydrated and healthy! Happy hydrating!


Your daily dose of mindfulness is available to you anywhere and anytime, with guided meditation exercises that Airi will send to you. Unwind, relax, focus, find your serenity and train your mind like you train your body.


How to start with Airi

Airi is a subscription-based app that offers you motivation and guidance to follow in order to develop long-lasting lifestyle changes. All you need is the will to start your journey, and to press that +Get button in your App store!

Users can experience Airi for free with a 7-day free trial offer that allows you to discover what it feels like to have a personal mind and body coach, at your service. Once the free trial expires, it is possible to extend it for $9.99 per month or $4.99 if you are a Leaf user. That’s right, a special offer for all Leaf users!


With Leaf and Airi by your side, health will be yours for the taking! Download Airi now and let us know your feedback, we can’t wait to hear how you like it.

August 1, 2017