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We've got updates

This just in! Your favorite Mind & Body coach has carefully been gathering your feedback over the past few weeks, and we decided to take her coaching to the next level.


In case you still haven’t met her, here’s a quick introduction. Airi is your health companion, your personal coach, your friend in need. She is only a click away so tap HERE to see all she has to give – and we tell you – she has a lot to offer. The first 7 days are FREE, and give you plenty of time to fall in love with her wellness advice and easy-to-complete suggestions.


We are happy to hear all feedback you have to give, and we are thrilled to implement new features that will make your health journey even more personalized and inclusive. This is why we are jumping for joy to present updates now available in your Airi app! There are quite a few, so let’s get started.


What’s your favorite?

What's your favorite

Airi keeps her Content Library in check and surprises you with special edition content each month. To speed up looking for your favorite recipes, workouts and meditations, we introduced the Favorites section. From now on you can save all the items you like and quickly access them by tapping on the 💜  icon in the Airi app. It’s that simple!


Airi and Leaf in sync


As you already know, Airi syncs the meditations you complete to your Bellabeat app so you don’t have to input them manually. This time around we took it one (okay, maybe a couple) steps further! Airi now syncs the workouts you complete to your Bellabeat app as well, and makes those sweat minutes count. But wait, there’s more!

Airi now acknowledges each and every activity you enter in your Bellabeat app and sends you an encouraging message whenever you press save. We say – The more the merrier!

Airi's got news


Goal-getters ahead


Updates don’t stop here. Airi also keeps track of your goals – and pushes you to do more. Taking in account the number of times you reached your activity, sleep, and meditation goals, Airi will suggest you to adjust them so they suit your lifestyle better.


Not only that, Airi can also deliver your statistics from data your Leaf gathers. Interested in yesterday’s stats – you got it. Maybe you want to know how last week went – fine with us. Everything Leaf tracks in your Airi app – we’ve got you covered. Health is always under construction, and seeing all the numbers side by side will show you which aspects need the most of your attention.


Party like it’s your birthday


Last, but not least, Airi closely watches you even when you’re not breaking a sweat or chugging gallons of water. From now on, you can expect a birthday message, because that’s what friends do. Airi is here to celebrate your day with you and make those 24h a bit more special!


Happy birthday!

*click picture to see a short example of a Birthday conversation you can now have with Airi!

Healthy living comes from small efforts repeated day in & day out. Chin up, show yourself love and appreciation and keep taking steps on your road to health, no matter how big or small. With Airi by your side, the journey will be an enjoyable one – we know it!


We can’t wait to hear what you think about our new features, and we’ll keep our eyes peeled for new, brilliant ideas you have. Don’t think twice before you leave us a comment, you are the ones that make our products better. We hope to continue developing them with your help and inspiring you the same way you inspire us, day after day.


October 17, 2017

6 ways to get back into your exercise routine

Get back into exercising

If you feel that lately you dropped the ball on exercising, don’t beat yourself up! Life gets in the way of things, and we’re not ones to judge. When you take a day off from your regular workout – regardless of the reason – taking a second day off, or the whole week off, will make it easy to completely fall out of the routine you created. Before you know it, exercising might be that thing that makes you deeply exhale in frustration, before you decide you’d rather spend the night bonding with your couch and TV, or hanging out with friends.

Once we stop exercising, it’s easy to let it slip your mind why you even started doing it in the first place. Or maybe you just tell yourself ‘I’ll start again tomorrow!’, but it seems you must be going by some different calendar because this tomorrow just can’t seem to arrive.

You’re not the only one. We have all been there.

Step one is to stop feeling guilty about it – guilt will only make you want to avoid whatever is making you feel that way more. Stop feeling guilty and start feeling determined! You can do it, and we’re here to help you get back into that routine you lost!


Start with baby steps.

You don’t need to immediately throw yourself into a 2-hour workout that will make you inhale a breath and exhale your soul. In fact, please don’t do that. It’s not even about your mindframe – your body is pretty much asleep after a long training break. Your muscles, tendons and ligaments have to adapt to new moves step by step to avoid injuries or too much soreness. The best would be to start with light bodyweight training that includes some mobility and stability movements to strengthen your knees, core and your back. Combine it with some cardio and you’ll get everything you need for a fresh and safe new start. Don’t overwork yourself, do it until you feel you are able to and each day do it for a little bit longer. Build up to your old routine, don’t push yourself into it because you used to do it – give your body time to remember and get back into action.


Set realistic goals and write them down.

There are many good reasons to making exercise a regular part of your life. Weather it is to lose weight, gain muscle, be able to fit into that dress for your friend’s wedding, improve your posture or just to simply feel good overall. Write your reason down and stick it somewhere you can see it on a daily basis. It’s the only motivation you really need – because it comes from your own heart. It’s your wish that you are working towards, so don’t forget it!

Keep in mind you need to be realistic – set yourself a few short term goals and the main long term one. Every single milestone you achieve will be your personal push to keep moving forward!


Choose a reward.

For every small goal you achieve get yourself a reward – it can be a nutritious sweet tooth meal (like protein pancakes with dark chocolate, mmmm), a new pair of training pants, or a night out with friends in a cool outfit that will make you feel confident and special.

Even better, you can find yourself a special box and put 5$ in it for every single training session you made. 5-min workout also counts, don’t underestimate short activity sessions – your body is grateful for every minute of healthy choices it gets from you. That way the more you workout and the more you get back to that routine, the more money you save! When you feel you’re back to the routine you want to have, you can take the money and spend it on something that you’ve been wanting for a while.


Get into exercising

Motivate yourself during every session.

Motivation is key to success. But it’s also easy to lose motivation – maybe it’s just a bad day and you want to crawl into bed, or the weather outside is cloudy and it isn’t really inspiring your inner athlete. The trick is to find something to motivate you! A cool playlist for your walking session, nutritious dinner from your Airi app, new workout gadgets, a workout partner… these are just few simple examples you can choose to keep yourself motivated, even on a rainy days when everything seems to fall apart. Remember, any kind of activity or movement produces the hormone of happiness and you’ll feel much better afterwards! So don’t exercise for anyone else, do it for you!


Remember how good it makes you feel.

Building off on the last thing we said, exercising produces the hormone of happiness, but it’s not just that. When you’re done exercising or achieving something you set your mind too, the sense of accomplishment will lift your mood as well. Both your body and mind will feel good. When you find it hard to start exercising again, remember the feeling completing your workout routine brings and let that be the final push into starting it up again!


Take a one month challenge.

Maybe you don’t really know where to start. You don’t want to go to the gym, or renew your membership yet. Maybe you’re just finding other reasons that are stopping you from starting. In any case, if that is what’s troubling you, try to take a one month challenge! There are a lot of them all over the Internet and you should be able to find one that suits your needs. And if you’re not able to find one, here’s an even better idea : Make your own 1-Month challenge! Use one of the standard ones as a template, and do something that you know will work for you. You can even try and see if any of your friends would like to try it out with you!


Whatever method you decide to try, at the end of the day there is one important thing you have to remember : Believe in yourself, and be gentle to your body!


Get back into exercising

September 27, 2017

Bellabeat Matchmakers : Fall in love with a sport!

Fall in love with a sport

Choosing the right sport for you is a lot like falling in love. If it’s not right, that initial excitement of trying out something new will soon fade. You might lose motivation to go to any further training sessions or classes, it won’t bring you much joy which means you will either part ways, or force yourself to continue, because sports are good for you.

But when you find that right sport for you… it’s like fireworks! Maybe you don’t even consider yourself a sporty person, but then you find that one activity and doing it becomes the thing you look forward to each day. With the right activity, sport and fitness can quickly go from something you do because you know you should – to something you do because it brings you happiness.

We all know those standard choices : soccer, volleyball, tennis, yoga, etc.

But here are a few you might not have heard of yet, or have been on the fence to try out.



Would you like you like to work on your balance, flexibility and posture but realized yoga isn’t really for you? Have no fear, barre is here!  Barre class is a mix of pilates, dance, yoga and functional training. Best of all? The moves are choreographed to motivating music, so if you find inspiration with music, this might be the perfect fit for you.


Krav Maga

When it comes to martial art sports, Krav Maga is definitely unique. Along with being a great way to de-stress and get some release after a long day, Krav Maga will teach you self-defense and give you more confidence not just in your well-being but your safety as well!


Pound Fitness

This is a new workout that’s finding its way into the hearts of women all around the world! Why? Because it lets you wake up that rockstar within! It’s a full body workout that will energize you and sculpt your body, but the best part is – it’s so fun you might just forget it counts as a workout!


Ultimate Frisbee

We’re all probably familiar with frisbee – that favorite pastime for family picnics, barbeques with friends, or just a casual day in the sun. However, have you ever tried doing frisbee competitively? Scoring points, gaining team spirit, and losing toxins from your body by just sweating it out – what could be better?


Fall in love with a sport


Maybe you’ve been deterred from climbing because mountains seem like a death trap if you’re not used to moving upwards on unsteady rocks. We get that, but that’s why you can try climbing classes indoors, and be sure of your safety while ascending upwards! Who knows, you might build your way up to conquering an actual mountain one day.


Lindy hop

Have you always liked dancing but never felt that drawn to anything you’re familiar with from that category? Then maybe you should give Lindy hop a try! Lindy hop is an Afro-Euro-American Swing dance, that is gaining popularity in recent years for all the right reasons. It’s fun to do, will shape your body nicely, and you’ll definitely feel accomplished once you’re done. Plus, you learn some new moves you can show off on the next party you attend!



Again, a childhood favorite, up to the point where you ignored your parents warnings for the 10th time, and ended up with some minor injury. But hey, you’re older now so you know better, and jumping on a trampoline is still equally as fun – with many more benefits you can reap by doing targeted exercises. You don’t even need to have your own trampoline – just check if there are any trampoline parks near you!


Ice Skating

We all know – winter is coming. And with it comes a variety of sports such as skiing or snowboarding. Ice skating, on the other hand, can be done during the whole year if you end up loving it, is great for balance and super enjoyable. Along with being a blast, it’s great for your body and muscles, and you’ll definitely feel that sweet burn once you put your feet back onto solid ground.

Fall in love with a sport

Can’t fully find yourself in any of those? Not sure where to start?

Well, let us introduce Airi, one of the new additions to our well-being family. Airi learns from you and uses that knowledge to recommend the type and level of workout you’ll actually enjoy doing. Not only that, but you also get a custom nutrition menu, and meditation exercises. Last, but not least, she will guide you and give you the motivation you need.

Airi has a 7-Day free trial period, so you can always give her a chance to convince you she will be able to fulfill all of your well-being needs.


If you’re already in love with a sport, say no more! We know that bond won’t be easily broken, and we just hope your Leaf can support you in all of your daily activities – including the one you enjoy most. However, maybe you can even help others find their path as well!

Which sport is the one for you? What would you suggest fellow Leaf users give a try?

Is there a sport you enjoy, but isn’t available as a choice in the Leaf app?


Let us know, we’d love to hear back from you!

September 12, 2017

Bodyweight training is the new black

You want to move but don’t have the time? You don’t like gyms or fancy workout equipment? We’ve got you covered! There are ways to hit your cardio goals that don’t involve running miles and a lot of money. Bodyweight training is all you need!

Easy to do from home 

Performing the exercises in the comforts of your own home lets you adjust the intensity by doing them at your own pace and using your own range of motion. By doing bodyweight exercises you can engage more muscle fibers and extend your range of motion by simply changing the position of your feet or hands, depending on the exercise. Because there is no additional external weight involved, the pressure on your ankles and wrists is minimized.

Video workout 

Try this no equipment, do-anywhere cardio circuit that will spike your heart rate and help you burn some calories.


Psst – we’ve borrowed the workout from our new body and mind app Airi which can be downloaded here.

There are no excuses to shake your body from head to toe and wake up you ‘happiness hormones’. The only thing you need is a little space, comfortable clothes, a water bottle and your will. Soon, you’ll be addicted – it’s easy and fun for your body & mind.

Just be consistent and enjoy every move you make! Bodyweight exercises are essential and your body is all the equipment you need!

Have fun!







August 16, 2017

Travel for the Soul – Four Places You Have To Visit

It’s officially the first day of summer, and that means vacation time. Vacations can be like chicken soup for the soul and they are great way to give your Leaf a work out. Remember, your health goes where you go. Here are four travel destinations we wanted to share and some of the amazing ways you can get in those health brownie points without having to start from scratch when you get home.

Paris, France

Paris, the city of love and lights, and one that needs no introduction. Paris has always been one of our favorite places to visit. Our preferred way of getting in some bonus health points in this glorious city is to ‘just be.’ With so much to see and do, it feeds the eyes, soul and of course, belly. Fresh baguettes, cheese, champagne, French people and…designer shopping! There’s no better place in the world for some ‘me’ time.

Horseshoe Bend, The Grand Canyon

Amazing places often lie on our doorstep. Horseshoe Bend in Arizona was named after the horseshoe-shaped Colorado River that bends through a deep canyon creating breathtaking vistas. Before we go on, just take a minute to take in that view……

Ok. Back to it.

You will need no extra motivation to go for a hike – the step count in your Leaf will practically increase by itself. And a long day of walking deserves one of the world’s most spectacular sunsets you’ll ever see.

Bagan, Myanmar

Myanmar, also known as Burma, is a profoundly spiritual and captivating country that leaves an everlasting impression on anyone who visits. Bagan is an ancient city in central Myanmar just southwest of Mandalay. With meditation practices a part of everyday life for the local Burmese people, you’ll feel right at home tapping into your inner-self. Choose a meditation from your Leaf app or just freestyle it, and experience the true meaning of serenity.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

We love Amsterdam’s brick buildings, open skyline, rich history, and relaxed, easy going attitude towards life. Van Gogh, tulips, Anne Frank’s House are just some of the things that come to mind. And of course, bikes!

Bikes are to Amsterdam like wine is to Bordeaux. The city loves bikes, and there are supposedly more bikes than people in Amsterdam. In fact, forget about keeping a lookout for cars — it’s the bikes that will run you over. Seeing Amsterdam and its surroundings from a bike is something we definitely encourage you to do. And your body and Leaf will love you for it.

June 21, 2017