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5 places to visit in 2018

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Traveling is good for the mind, body and soul – it’s the whole package! Taking some time off to explore and discover new places will boost your energy reserves and significantly lower stress. It also expands your mind, and feeds your creativity and inspiration.


We decided to share 5 destinations that are on the top of our 2018 list of places to see. We hope you get a chance to experience one of them yourself!

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NORWAY, Tromso (or Svalbard)

If you’ve felt yourself craving a piece of that Winter Wonderland this year, why not plan one for next winter? Going to Norway is like walking into a fairytale, with a colorful sky included. It’s perfect for those winter nights when you just want to cuddle with your loved ones, but instead of watching TV you’ll be watching colors dance across the night sky. There’s no way you can take this vacation and not come back with your batteries completely recharged!


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GREECE, Santorini

Santorini is well known for being one of the most Instagrammable locations – for a good reason! A mainly white and blue city built into a cliffside overlooking the sea will make you forget where you are and exist only in the moment. It’s a vacation not just for you body and soul, but your eyes as well!


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CROATIA, Plitvica Lakes

A truly unique place worth a visit regardless of the time of year! With it’s unique beauty, it shines during any season, and is worth a visit. If you decide to take this trip in winter, we recommend stopping by the capital, Zagreb as it has won the best European Christmas Market for 3 Years in a row now. Maybe you’re not really one for cold weather and would prefer to see this beautiful site in summer, you can stop by any of the numerous coastal cities located in Croatia, and take a dip in their clear Mediterranean sea.


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CANADA, Moraine Lake

Just seeing this picture makes us feel calm and at peace. Imagine being on this lake, silence around you other than the sounds of nature and the water gently rocking against your canoe. Surrounded by mountains, nature and fresh air, it’s the perfect place to find the peace within you. This gem of nature will provide not just a physical escape, but a mental one as well.

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Is fall your favorite season? Well, you’ve never seen a fall quite like the one in Bruges, Belgium. Walking down the pink and red streets that looks like they came straight out of a movie scene, are sure to make you notice and enjoy the little things in life. Not to mention all the beautiful pictures you will have to look back on in 2019.

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EARTH, Anywhere

Travel isn’t just about the place, it’s about the mindset. When we travel your brain lets go of the stress of daily life and takes a breather. That pressure on your chest goes away, at least for a short while, and you enjoy exploring and discovering new places. However, we can’t always afford a fancy holiday abroad, especially when you have a family to take care of (and can’t imagine going somewhere without taking them with you) which ads additional costs that can’t be avoided. There is a way you can experience ‘travel’ without completely draining your savings account. This is our suggestion.

Decide on a weeked with friends or loved ones. Pack a backpack with the usual travel essentials, and set off for the bus stop. Choose a random place within your travel budget that you’ve never been to before and prepare to explore! Being in a new surrounding will give you some of that travel-feeling without having to travel far, and it will be a fun memory to cherish.


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January 10, 2018

Jump back into healthy living after the holidays

Healthy living

Previously, we shared some advice on how to keep your routine even during the holidays, but hey, it was the holidays. We won’t fault you if your routine sort of crumbled during December. The key is to start back up as soon as you can, and resume your healthy habits. Because after all, it’s a lifestyle.

Whether you got out of your exercise routine, your nutrition routine, or any other routine you couldn’t make time for lately – we have a 4 tips that will hopefully help change that!


Create a plan to follow.

Don’t just jump into it head first. Take a notebook, and write your goals on the first page. Schedule the times when you will work on your healthy habits. The time to go grocery shopping, exercising or whatever you have as a goal. Buy a new pair of workout clothes, or a new cooking item. Something that will make you eager to get started again.


Simplify and start small.

It might not be that easy to get back into the routine you had, and if you find yourself struggling don’t be hard on yourself. You might need to build back up to your habits, or to doing things you did with ease just recently. And that’s perfectly okay! Take your time and start small. Smaller victories will motivate you and keep you on the right path.

Healthy Living

Remind yourself why you’re doing it.

Don’t forget why you’re doing this. Everyone has a reason for each change they bring into their lives. Something that keeps them going and gives them inspiration. Make sure you remind yourself on why you’re on this path. Why did you set the goal you did? What do you hope to accomplish? Why is it important to you? Ask yourself this to reaffirm your conviction and get inspired when you feel like giving up.


Stick a motivational message somewhere you’ll always see.

Pick a quote that motivates you, or write your own. The important thing is that it means something to you personally and that you put it in a very obvious place. Something you will see whether you want to or not. Stick it to your mirror, or the inside of your door. It might not seem like it can do a lot of good, but on the bad days it might be just the boost you need.

Healthy Living

January 3, 2018

How to make a change, and stick by it!

How to make a change

New Year is infamous for all the resolutions made… and given up on by end of January.

When the year starts you’re motivated, driven by all the ‘new year, new you’ talk everywhere you turn. When everyone around you is working on their resolutions and themselves, it makes it easy to do your very best as well!

Come end of January, however, motivation starts dwindling and people start conveniently forgetting they made a resolution in the first place. If you can relate with that, don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Changes that stick, whether big or small, can be hard to accomplish.

Making a change is a journey, and we hope to help you make it through the stormy waters.


Stay in the here and now.

Don’t let your mind wander too much. It’s easy to get swept up in daydreaming. You decided to start eating healthy this year, and you’re already imagining yourself looking like a Victoria’s Secret Angel in a few months. While it can be a motivating thought at first, thinking so far ahead and dreaming about a possible future can also demotivate you. Maybe you’re not reaching the goals you imagine fast enough, or you don’t really see any results from your change. Your illusion of the future you imagine cracks, and you find yourself binge watching Netflix with so much candy Charlie’s Chocolate Factory probably went out-of-stock thanks to you. The cure for this unfortunate series of events is to be present. Don’t look to a possible future, but rather build it everyday, looking forward to seeing what you achieved when the time is right.

Make a change

Accept small victories.

In case you made a resolution for this year, it’s probably something big you want to force yourself to change. Give up smoking. Give up chocolate. Exercise at least 4 times a week. Whatever it was, it might be hard to go cold-turkey, and will likely make you cave sooner if that’s how you approach it. Start small. Buy a pack of cigarettes and make it last a week. Then two weeks. Then stop completely. Switch to dark chocolate, and limit your intake. Start small, and sign up to exercise classes 2 times a week. Remember you have a whole year to reach your resolution goal, don’t go all in from the start and lose it all by the end. Small victories can be very motivating, so create a list of small stepping stones to the big resolution, and cross one goal off the list once you reach it.


Talk about your decision.

The easiest way to stick to your decisions is to tell everyone. That way if you give up, you’ll have to deal with the awkwardness of questions like ‘How’s it going?’ for the next several months. It’s also important to have support when you start wavering. Someone you can reach out to that will remind you why you started down this road in the first place. Someone who knows you well enough to know the method that works best to get you motivated – whether that is tough love, or just gently nudging you forward.


Don’t be too hard on yourself.

We’re often our own worst critics. It’s easy to find your flaws and mistakes when you’re looking for them. Which is why people might tell you ‘I didn’t even notice that!’ when you point something out. Don’t start out this year expecting everything to change, and then find ways to blame yourself when things don’t seem all too different. Stop finding fault in you, and start focusing on the good. You made a decision to change. That is huge! Don’t devalue that. Some people don’t even get that far. Take everything else a step at a time. You’re not in a rush. You don’t have to compete with anyone or prove anything. Go at your own pace. Be the turtle in the race, not the hare.

Make a change

We hope these suggestions give you a little more motivation, and help you when you start to waver on your decisions.

We would love to hear what resolution you made for 2018!

Share with us in the comments below!


January 3, 2018

Best activities to do in the cold winter days!


When it comes to winter most people either hate it or love it – there is no inbetween. Sometimes you can hear the standard ‘I like winter, but I would like only a month of it.’ If that’s how you feel, you might not really love winter as much as the holiday season, and doing a few winter activities. Maybe that excitement lasts a few weeks before you start getting those winter colds that keep you coughing for a month, your skin starts breaking because it’s freezing, and you find yourself dreaming of summer.

Whether you absolutely love winter, sort of tolerate it for a while, or are the winter Grinch, there’s still ways you can enjoy this Season and hopefully make it pass sooner. We’ve compiled a list of activities you can give a try this winter, in case you’re out of ideas.


Outdoor activities.

Build a snowman or have a snowball fight.

Now wait, don’t roll your eyes yet! Building a snowman or having a snowball fight doesn’t have an age limit, and you can only do it during those few months of winter! Make it a family event, or invite your friends and make teams. Make it a healthy and fun competition, where everyone is the winner. The bonus is that jumping and running around is also good exercise, so don’t forget to wear your Leaf and track those steps!

Winter activities

Try skiing or snowboarding.

If you already know how to skii or snowboard, what are you waiting for? A Google search will likely reveal the closest location for you where you can go and do those sports. In case you never learned, but always secretly wanted to and postponed learning… well, there’s no time like now! Make this winter memorable by trying skiing or snowboarding and learning a new skill.


Go ice skating or sledding.

Maybe you just don’t like either of those winter sports, or can’t manage your time enough to fit them into the schedule. Luckily for you, there’s also ice skating or sledding. Equally fun winter activities, that you can do with your family or friends.
Winter activities

Indoor activities.


Read at least one book every week.

When the weather is nice, and warm, you can always find better things to do outside, rather than staying cooped up indoors. In winter however, it’s the exact opposite. You dread opening the front door, feeling that brisk winter air blow into your face, and leaving the comfort of your warm house. Well, if you opt for staying home, why not grab a good book? You can make yourself a promise to read at least one book every week during the winter days. A good book can definitely make the time fly faster.


Join the gym or make a home-workout plan.

It’s easy to slip out of your workout routine during winter. Maybe you just convinced yourself you’re going to start again in January – but really, we know January actually means March once it gets warmer. However, winter is the perfect excuse to leave your house for something productive and good for you. And in case you don’t feel like joining a gym during the holiday season, you can find several free workout options on youtube. Find one that resonates with you, and promise yourself to do it at least 3-4 times a week.


Sign up for some online classes.

No better way to spend those cold winter days than by learning some new things! Make the most out of staying indoors and enroll in one of the many available online classes. Depending on your interest you can find anything! All it takes is a bit of Google magic, and you’re on the patch of learning a new skill.


\Plan your future vacation.

Ah, those perfect summer locations. Just thinking of them makes you feel warmer. Well, why not try and plan a vacation? Plan the budget and how you can reach it, research the destinations, and figure out a doable vacation, and plan everything. Of course, it’s possible things change with time, but planning a vacation to a warm place and seeing that it can be done on a budget might motivate you and help the winter days pass faster.

Winter activities


December 13, 2017

Why you shouldn’t compare yourself to others

Why you shouldn't compare

When it comes to fitness, we’ve all found ourselves gazing at all those fitness models or trainers trying to imagine our heads on their bodies instead. Sometimes this can be a strong motivation, but other times it can have the exact opposite effect. Especially if you notice that no matter how hard you try, you just can’t look the way they do.

Competitions and contests are often used in fitness for the purpose of community – you’re aware you’re not the only one working on your health and this inspires you to continue and work hard! But then again, this can have the opposite effect both on your motivation and your self-esteem.


There is one very important thing to remember – not one single person on Earth is the same. You don’t have the same metabolism, body shape, or needs as anyone else – so comparing yourself to someone doesn’t really make a lot of sense when you look at it like that. Comparison puts the focus on another person, when the focus should be on YOU. What you need and what your body needs.

So here are some suggestions that might help you stop yourself when you start comparing yourself to others.


Make Goals that are attainable for YOU.

The first goals you set should be something you will reach within 1-2 weeks, not something you will work months to achieve. Whether that is setting up your Activity Goal in the Leaf app, or deciding on a weight loss goal if you are working on losing a few pounds – make sure it is something you can achieve within a shorter time period. Start small. Just seeing the progress you make, and knowing you managed to reach the first goal you set up will give you an additional boost to keep going. Once you reach the first goal you set, keep enhancing it further. Keep in mind how long it takes you to reach the goal you previously set when setting up the next one. If you reached it faster than usual, enhance the goal more than you normally would.


Accept yourself.

Working on your fitness, or health and trying to do better means that there are certain aspects of your life that you aren’t happy with. However, by focusing on these bad or negative habits you are trying to get rid of, you won’t feel as high in spirit or ready to take on everything. The best way to prevent that is to accept yourself. Even with the flaws, and the bad habits you are trying to erase. Accept yourself as unique, different and flawed. Acceptance doesn’t have to mean resignation to stay the same – acceptance can mean motivation. How? If you’re okay with who you are but aware you can do better – and determined to do better – you won’t feel as discouraged or give up as easily.


Remind yourself of your accomplishments and determination.

If you ever feel down because of someone else – you feel you haven’t worked as hard, or gotten as many results, or you’re just simply unhappy remind yourself of what you have achieved. Make a list of things you have accomplished thus far in life through hard work and determination – no matter how small you may think the victory was put it down there! It will serve as a reminder of all you can achieve when you put in a little determination.


Create a mantra you can repeat if you feel down.

Pick a sentence you can repeat to yourself for a quick pick me up. Something that inspires you on a personal level. It has to mean something to you, not to anyone else – so if they don’t work for you, don’t force yourself to opt for a classic mantra. Think of something that always makes you smile and pushes you to try even harder, whether that is a famous quote, a song lyric, or something a loved one has told you.

It’s hard not to compare yourself to others. We’re used to it from childhood – magazines and TV always gave us unattainable ideals that everyone was supposed to match. But you’re not just a picture in a magazine, or a smile on a screen. You’re a person all of your own, and don’t let anyone devalue that – even if that someone is you!

November 29, 2017