A little bit of activity goes a long way!

A little bit of activity

We’re sure you’re aware that exercise is good for your mind and body – it’s one of those common sense things that everyone is aware of. Even though we all know it, sometimes it can be hard to put your knowledge into action. With a busy day to day life balancing work, spending time with your loved ones, and still dedicating some time to yourself and the hobbies you enjoy, exercise will often fall to the back burner.

It can also be discouraging when you read articles about how much activity you ‘should’ have to benefit health, and you just don’t think you’d be able to dedicate enough time every day to make a difference – so why bother right?


Well we have some good news for you. As little at 15 minutes of activity can lower the risk of heart disease by 14%. That means that making time to take a short walk each day, or do a 15 minute exercise, could already be enough to improve your health! Consistency is key, so all you have to do is persist. When you feel yourself thinking “I’ll just take a day off today and bond with my couch”, give yourself a mental push, get up, and get those 15 minutes in. Once you’re in a steady routine, you’ll find it easier to slowly enhance the duration of your activities as well as increasing the health benefits that come with it!


Here’s a few ways to keep yourself motivated, even on those days you’re really not feeling it.

A little bit of activity

Remind yourself why you’re doing this.

What does health mean to you? Why do you want to be the healthiest version of you? Whether your motivation is being able to spend more quality time with loves one, achieving your dreams or improving your quality of life to reach certain goals, always keep what motivates you in the back of your mind. Write it on a piece of paper and stick it to your mirror, somewhere you will always see it. Think of all the things you will achieve by leading a healthier lifestyle, and remind yourself that all it really takes is just making those few minutes a day your daily routine.


Listen to music, an audiobook or podcast.

Make your exercise playlist with all your favorite songs that motivate you, and promise yourself to only listen to it when you’re exercising or doing an activity. That way you’ll look forward to jamming to all your favorite songs while hitting your health goals. As an alternative to this, find a podcast or an audio book you love, and make the same promise to yourself – you can only listen to it when you’re being active. That way you’ll create additional motivation for yourself to get moving – possibly even for longer periods – as well as make exercise something you’ll look forward to.

A little bit of activity

Find your exercise buddies.

The best way to not just start being motivated but keep the motivation going is to find a motivation buddy! If you have a friend who is also trying to kickstart their new healthy life try and get them to join you on your journey. Schedule daily runs, walks or exercise sessions. In case no one really pops into your mind that would stay determined about being active, you can ask one of your loved ones to keep you in check. Someone you can text or call when you don’t feel like moving an inch from your couch, and they’ll make sure to change your mind. All you have to do is choose someone you know won’t take no for an answer or let you falter.


Make it memorable.

The best way to create a good exercise experience is making it memorable. If you decide to take a daily walk or run, try the scenic route and take a picture. Make an Instagram dedicated only to the pictures you take during your exercise, and post one a day. Create a memory for that day that will make each time you do your activity a whole new and exciting experience.

A little bit of activity


November 7, 2017

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