5 places to visit in 2018

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Traveling is good for the mind, body and soul – it’s the whole package! Taking some time off to explore and discover new places will boost your energy reserves and significantly lower stress. It also expands your mind, and feeds your creativity and inspiration.


We decided to share 5 destinations that are on the top of our 2018 list of places to see. We hope you get a chance to experience one of them yourself!

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NORWAY, Tromso (or Svalbard)

If you’ve felt yourself craving a piece of that Winter Wonderland this year, why not plan one for next winter? Going to Norway is like walking into a fairytale, with a colorful sky included. It’s perfect for those winter nights when you just want to cuddle with your loved ones, but instead of watching TV you’ll be watching colors dance across the night sky. There’s no way you can take this vacation and not come back with your batteries completely recharged!


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GREECE, Santorini

Santorini is well known for being one of the most Instagrammable locations – for a good reason! A mainly white and blue city built into a cliffside overlooking the sea will make you forget where you are and exist only in the moment. It’s a vacation not just for you body and soul, but your eyes as well!


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CROATIA, Plitvica Lakes

A truly unique place worth a visit regardless of the time of year! With it’s unique beauty, it shines during any season, and is worth a visit. If you decide to take this trip in winter, we recommend stopping by the capital, Zagreb as it has won the best European Christmas Market for 3 Years in a row now. Maybe you’re not really one for cold weather and would prefer to see this beautiful site in summer, you can stop by any of the numerous coastal cities located in Croatia, and take a dip in their clear Mediterranean sea.


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CANADA, Moraine Lake

Just seeing this picture makes us feel calm and at peace. Imagine being on this lake, silence around you other than the sounds of nature and the water gently rocking against your canoe. Surrounded by mountains, nature and fresh air, it’s the perfect place to find the peace within you. This gem of nature will provide not just a physical escape, but a mental one as well.

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Is fall your favorite season? Well, you’ve never seen a fall quite like the one in Bruges, Belgium. Walking down the pink and red streets that looks like they came straight out of a movie scene, are sure to make you notice and enjoy the little things in life. Not to mention all the beautiful pictures you will have to look back on in 2019.

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EARTH, Anywhere

Travel isn’t just about the place, it’s about the mindset. When we travel your brain lets go of the stress of daily life and takes a breather. That pressure on your chest goes away, at least for a short while, and you enjoy exploring and discovering new places. However, we can’t always afford a fancy holiday abroad, especially when you have a family to take care of (and can’t imagine going somewhere without taking them with you) which ads additional costs that can’t be avoided. There is a way you can experience ‘travel’ without completely draining your savings account. This is our suggestion.

Decide on a weeked with friends or loved ones. Pack a backpack with the usual travel essentials, and set off for the bus stop. Choose a random place within your travel budget that you’ve never been to before and prepare to explore! Being in a new surrounding will give you some of that travel-feeling without having to travel far, and it will be a fun memory to cherish.


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January 10, 2018

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